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Security Managers Job Description Template

Direct an organization’s protection functions, including safety and security of workers, 設備, and assets.

  • Write or review security-associated files, including incident reports, 建議, and initiatives.
  • Train subordinate security professionals or organization members in processes and security rules.
  • Plan security for special and high-risk activities.
  • Review financial reports to ensure efficiency and quality of safety operations.
  • Develop budgets for security businesses.
  • Coordinate tasks or security operations with public law enforcement, fireplace and other agencies.
  • Meetings, specialist seminars, or conventions to keep abreast of changes in executive directives or technologies impacting security operations.
  • Respond to bomb threats, medical emergencies, smoke detectors, or intrusion alarms, subsequent crisis response procedures.
  • Prepare reports or make demos on investigations, losses, or violations of policies, regulations and methods.
  • 鑑定, investigate, or conclude security breaches.
  • Track procedures, plans or security policies to ensure compliance with internal security guidelines, licensing demands, or related government security specifications, 政策, and directives.
  • Run examinations of property to ensure compliance with ordinances and safety policies.
  • Communicate security status, updates, and difficulties that are potential or real, using proven protocols.
  • Gather and analyze security information to establish security system aims, security needs, or program achievements.
  • 計劃, coordinate security actions to safeguard company assets, workers, 賓客, or others on company property, or immediate.
  • Create or enforce procedures, 政策, 和安全標準.
  • Screen and ensure a sound, ethical environment.
  • 開發, 處理, execute, or evaluate policies and procedures to protect personnel against harassment, threats, or violence.
  • 開發, 演出, 支持, or assist in internal company evaluations, governmental reviews, or assessments of the complete effectiveness of personnel and facility protection procedures.
  • Develop an agenda to respond to episodes and evaluate risks to mitigate potential impacts of episodes.
  • Direct or participate in contingency planning and crisis management.
  • Actions threat or exposure evaluations to ascertain likely frequency, criticality, consequence, or severity of natural or manmade disasters or criminal activity on the profitability or delivery of services or products of the organization.
  • Supervise or provide leadership to subordinate safety professionals, performing actions, background investigation, such as hiring, 教練, assigning function, evaluating performance, or disciplining.
  • Assess and assess security operations to identify risks or opportunities for development through evaluation, 評論, or auditing.
  • Develop or handle integrated security controls to ensure secrecy, liability, recoverability, or audit skill of sensitive info, proprietary details, or information technology assets.
  • Purchase security- associated supplies, 製品, 或技術.
  • Develop or manage investigation programs, including preservation and collection of video and notes of fact-finding interviews or surveillance processes.
  • 開發, organize for, 演出, or assess executive protection tasks to reduce security risks.
  • Support initiatives to reduce drug abuse or other illegal actions at work.
  • 開發, recommend, or manage security procedures for processes or operations, including accessibility handle, security call centers, system acquisition, 起色, 與維護, program models, or reporting resources.

Job Actions Demand
  • 閱讀工作相關文件理解,理解書面的句子和段落.
  • 積極傾聽,充分重視別人在陳述, 讓時間來了解點創建, 問問題的正確, 而在不適當的時間從來沒有中斷.
  • 以書面形式為適合人群的需求有效地寫作,溝通.
  • 交談,與別人交談,有效地傳達信息.
  • 數學 - 利用數學和解決問題.
  • 科學,用科學的原理和解決問題的方法.
  • 邏輯和推理找出優勢和其他補救措施的弱點利用的思考 - , 結論或方法的問題.
  • Active Learning-Understanding the consequences of new information for both present and potential problem solving and decision making.
  • Learning Strategies-Choosing and using training/instructional methods and procedures suitable for the situation when learning or teaching new things.
  • 監測監控/評估自己的表現, 其他人, 或者組織作出改善或採取糾正措施.
  • 社會洞察力,有意識地別人的’ 反應和理解他們為什麼,因為他們做反應.
  • 協調,調整行動,與他人’ 活動.
  • 勸導,說服別人改變他們的想法或習慣.
  • 談判-帶來別人在一起,並試圖調和分歧.
  • 指導教學別人如何做.
  • 服務導向,積極尋找各種方法來幫助個人.
  • 複雜問題解決識別複雜的問題和審查相關信息開發和評估方案和實施解決方案.
  • 運營分析 - 分析需求和產品需求創建設計.
  • 技術設計,創建或調整設備和技術,以滿足用戶需求.
  • Gear Selection-Discovering the type of equipment and tools required to do a career.
  • 安裝 - 安裝設備, 機, 佈線, 或方案,以滿足規範.
  • 編程,編寫應用程序的各種功能.
  • 運作跟踪打發時間的計, 錶盤, 或其他指標,以確保機器正常運行.
  • 設備或系統的過程,並控制控制操作.
  • Gear Care-Performing routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what type of care is required.
  • 故障排除,確定操作錯誤的原因,並決定做什麼吧.
  • 使用所需的工具修理,修理機器或系統.
  • 質量監控評價,進行檢查和產品檢驗, 解決方案, 或流程來評估質量或功能.
  • 判斷與決策,考慮的相對成本和潛在行動的收益來選擇一個最適合.
  • 系統分析,發現一個系統如何工作,以及如何在情況變化, 功能, 和環境都會影響結果.
  • 系統評估識別措施或系統運行的指標,並改進或糾正性能所需的行動, 按照該過程的目標.
  • Time Management-Managing one’s own period and the time of the others.
  • Management of Financial Resources-Determining how funds will be spent to get the function done, 而佔這些成本.
  • 材料方向的資源,獲取並查看到相應的產品使用, 設備, 和所需的材料做具體工作.
  • 人事管理資源,創建, 激勵, 指揮人民群眾為他們發揮作用, 確定最佳人作業.
教育需求 遇到先決條件
  • 學士學位
  • 副學士 (或其他2年文憑)
  • 碩士
  • 過度 2 年份, 直到並包括 4 年份
  • 成就/努力 – %
  • 連續性 – %
  • 倡議 – %
  • 方向 – %
  • 合作 – %
  • 關心他人 – %
  • 社會取向 – %
  • 自我控制 – %
  • 焦慮容忍 – %
  • 適應性/靈活性 – %
  • 可靠性 – %
  • 注重細節 – %
  • 倫理 – %
  • 自治 – %
  • 引發 – %
  • 分析與思考 – %




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