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Site Inspector Job Description Sample

Site Inspector Job Description Sample

Site inspectors impose construction standards and code regulations while

verifying structural reliability in new construction and renovation projects.

Individuals who have completed an architecture or engineering degree

program may be preferred by some employers, but high school graduates

with construction experience often enter this field as well. A professional

certification or government license can be required for employment.


1. To inspect and record the construction works carried out by

contractor on site and resolve the site generated quarries by co-

ordinating with the Resident Engineer.

2. To ensure performance of the work in strict accordance with the

drawings and specification.

3. Supervision and Inspection of additional works and out of scope

works carried out by contractor.

4. Process the joint measurement forms and maintain the records of

their status.

5. Maintain records of completed works for interim and final payment

and as-built plans.

6. Make special notes and document the contractors activities that

may lead to claims.

7. Be fair and firm in dealings with the contractor.

8. Consider the alternatives and consequences carefully before

making decisions.

9. Check temperature compaction joints and surface of asphalt.

10. Check all form works reinforcement etc before concrete pouring.

11. Co-ordinate and co-operate with Contractors site Foreman for all

the activities.

12. Adhere to safe working methods and report to the resident

engineer for any accidents on site.

13. Maintain a detailed diary of the day s work activities issues work

approved or rejected hours of operation labour and equipment used

etc and sign at the end of each day.

14. Coordinate with the laboratory technician and arrange for

sampling and testing of satisfactorily completed work and quality

assurance testing of suspect materials.

15. Checking the Day work records submitted by contractor.

16. Supervision and Inspection of all construction activities carried

out by contractor on site.

17. Maintaining records of site resources daily progress of work

inspections construction and workshop drawings method statements

and ITPs Inspector Testing Plans.

18. Making special notes and document the contract activities that

may lead to claims.

19. Drafting site instructions for any required variations from or

additions to the contract documents.

20. Report questionable methods of operations by the contractor to

the Engineer.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATION Graduation from high

school and 2 years of experience in inspection or the

construction trades or any equivalent combination of

education and experience.

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