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Roustabouts, تیل اور گیس کی ملازمت کی تفصیل / احتساب نمونہ اور روزگار

Assemble or fix oil-field products utilizing strength and hand equipment. Execute different projects asneeded.

کام کی مہارت شرط
  • Unscrew or tighten plumbing, casing, لائنز, and pump supports, applying strength and give wrenches and tongs.
  • Bolt engine and push areas together.
  • Go plumbing to and from trucks, utilizing pickup winches and motorized lifting, or by-hand.
  • Retain conduit patio and main veranda regions clean and clean.
  • Go flow-lines to discover leaks, by producing visual inspections and employing automated detectors, and fix the leaks.
  • By bailing it tidy up poured fat.
  • Dismantle and restore boilers, oilfield systems, and steam engine components, using power instruments and palm tools.
  • Get discharge ditches around storage tanks and wells.
  • Guide cranes to maneuver masses about decks.
  • Provide gear to platform flooring as requested, and offer roughnecks with assistance.
  • Get openings, established varieties, and combination and serve real into forms to produce foundations regarding lumber or metal derricks.
  • Reduce and remove bushes and clean to reduce flame hazards, to distinct routine sites, and to create method for roads to sites.
  • Secure or nail lumber or material platform collectively to erect derricks.

کاروبار سرگرمیاں شرط
  • Reading Knowledge-Understanding sentences and written sentences in work related documents.
  • Active-Listening-To what other-people say supplying full attention,, acquiring time for you to comprehend the points being produced, صحیح طور سے پوچھ سوالات, rather than mesmerizing at occasions that are inappropriate.
  • Producing-In writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience talking successfully,.
  • Communicating-Talking-to others to mention facts effectively.
  • Mathematics-Applying mathematics to solve issues.
  • Research-Utilizing techniques and controlled principles to solve difficulties.
  • Criticalthinking-Utilizing judgement and thought to identify the strengths and disadvantages of ways, ideas or substitute options to difficulties.
  • Active Learning-Understanding the significance of details that is new for each latest and potential problemsolving and decision making.
  • Learning Techniques-Employing and picking instructionORtutorial techniques and treatments right for the situation when mastering or instructing issues that are new.
  • Checking-OverseeingPERExamining functionality of additional people, اپنی خواہش کی تکمیل, or businesses take remedial actions or to produce developments.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being aware of othersI reactions and knowledge while they do why they reply.
  • Dexterity-Changing actions with regards to othersI steps.
  • Persuasion-Genuine others to alter behavior or their brains.
  • Mediation-Getting others collectively and wanting to reconcile variances.
  • کس طرح ایک اقدام کو بنانے کے لئے تربیت کی تربیت دوسروں.
  • Company Orientation-Definitely searching for methods to assist individuals.
  • Advanced Problemsolving-Identifying intricate troubles and reviewing related information implement solutions and to build up and evaluate choices.
  • Procedures Research-Analyzing merchandise requirements and needs to produce a style.
  • Engineering Design-Establishing devices or creating and engineering to serve consumer needs.
  • Gear Selection-Identifying the sort of equipment and tools had a need to execute a job.
  • نصب انسٹال گیئر, مصنوعات, کیبلنگ, یا عام طور پر کی خصوصیات کو پورا کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتی ہے.
  • Coding-Creating computer programs for uses that are various.
  • Function Monitoring-Observing additional symptoms, کالز, or assessments to ensure there is a device currently working correctly.
  • Function and Control-Managing functions of products or devices.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Executing routine servicing on products and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining reasons for working problems and choosing how to proceed about any of it.
  • Restoring-Fixing devices or models utilising the required tools.
  • Quality Control Analysis-Conducting examinations and testing of goods, فراہم کرنے والے, یا فعالیت یا بہترین فیصلہ کرنے کے لئے تراکیب.
  • Wisdom and Decision-Making-Considering benefits and the comparable expenses of activities that are possible to choose the best suited one.
  • Analysis-Determining just how adjustments in the atmosphere, طریقہ کار, along with circumstances may affect outcomes and what sort of technique must operate.
  • Systems Analysis-Distinguishing procedures or indicators of performance along with relative to the goals of the machine, the behavior needed seriously to boost or correct functionality.
  • Time-Management-Managing the personal time as well as others’ ایک کا وقت.
  • Operations of Savings-Deciding how cash is going to be spent to acquire the task done, اور ان کے اخراجات کے لئے منیمی.
  • Operations of Product Resources-Obtaining and discovering towards the suitable utilization of tools, سہولیات, اور سنجیدگی کی ضرورت مواد مخصوص کام بھی کرنے.
  • Supervision of Staff Resources-Encouraging, حصول, وہ کام کرتے کیونکہ اور افراد کی رہنمائی, pinpointing the very best folks for that career.
تعلیمی قابلیت تجربے کی ضرورت
  • ایک مقبول اسکول ڈپلومہ کے مقابلے میں نمایاں طور پر کم
  • ہائی اسکول کی سطح (یا GED یا ایران اسکول مساوی سرٹیفیکیشن)
  • کچھ کالج کورسز
  • کوئی بھی نہیں
کاروبار کنٹرول ہنر کی ضرورت
  • AccomplishmentANDEffort – 90.50%
  • برداشت – 81.82%
  • پروجیکٹ – 85.46%
  • اتھارٹی – 74.79%
  • مدد – 89.13%
  • دوسروں کے لیے معاملہ – 85.58%
  • ثقافتی سمت – 81.04%
  • خود پر قابو – 83.22%
  • کشیدگی رواداری – 84.45%
  • VersatilityANDFreedom – 85.54%
  • اعتبار – 87.12%
  • تفصیل پر توجہ – 86.12%
  • اخلاقیات – 89.25%
  • آزادی – 83.84%
  • ایڈوانسمنٹ – 80.43%
  • سوچنا – 81.60%

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