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Amusement And Recreation Attendants Job Description / اسائنمنٹس اور ذمہ داری کا سانچہ

Conduct variety of joining obligations at enjoyment or recreation center. Might schedule utilization of adventure establishments, retain and provide devices to players of sporting events or recreational activities, or work fun concessions and voyages.

کام کی مہارت کی اہلیت
  • Supply information about amenities, leisure selections.
  • Report details of attendance, income, بلز, reservations, or fix activities.
  • Observe activities to make certain adherence to protection treatments and guidelines, or arrange for removing rowdy clients.
  • Provide tickets and accumulate charges from buyers.
  • Keep advised of shutdown and emergency evacuation processes.
  • Cleanse having grounds, آٹوموبائل, tours, compartments, سہولیات, or gear.
  • Immediate patrons to flights, chairs, or sights.
  • Sell and provide liquids to buyers.
  • Operate machines make, and to completely clean, smooth the ice areas of rinks for routines including skateboarding, baseball, and curling.
  • Mention or explain amusement park destinations to customers to attract consumers to enjoyment that is other and activities.
  • Attach provide information for attachment products to them, or safety devices for clients.
  • Check products to find wear and hurt and execute minimal fixes, corrections or maintenance responsibilities including oiling components.
  • Run, travel, or explain the use of physical operating gadgets or additional programmed devices in entertainment places , carnivals, or amusement parks.
  • کرایہ پر, concern sporting gear and products including skating suits, baseballs, bowling shoes, and beach seats, or market.
  • Confirm, acquire, or punch seats before recognizing clients to spots such as for instance carnivals and tours.
  • Tend leisure compartments in parks or stadiums, awarding gifts, shooting customers, and executing jobs such as for example executing games.
  • Supply help consumers entering or exiting ski lifts, کشتیاں, or fun rides, or growing or dismounting wildlife.
  • Schedule the usage of recreation facilities such as bowling alleys, golf courts, golf lessons, and softball diamonds.
  • Keep inventory of gear, storing and finding things and building equipment.

کیریئر کے اعمال شرط
  • Reading Knowledge-Comprehension sentences and prepared paragraphs in work related docs.
  • Active Listening-To what other folks are saying giving full attention, acquiring time for you to realize the things being built, مناسب طور پر پوچھ کے سوالات, اور نامناسب مواقع پر گلا گھونٹنے نہیں.
  • Producing-On paper not as inappropriate for the requirements of the audience communicating effectively.
  • کامیابی معلومات دینے کے لئے دوسروں کے ساتھ بات چیت کر رہا-خطاب کرتے ہوئے.
  • Arithmetic-Using mathematics to fix issues.
  • Research-Using methods and scientific policies to solve issues.
  • Criticalthinking-Employing reasoning and reason to identify the strengths and disadvantages of substitute answers, findings or approaches to issues.
  • Active-Learning-Comprehending the benefits of details that is new regarding each potential and recent problem solving and decision making.
  • Learning Strategies-Choosing and using teachingPERtutorial methods and treatments right for the situation when mastering or teaching new points.
  • Monitoring-Tracking/Discovering functionality of companies, دوسرے لوگوں, or oneself to create enhancements or take corrective action.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being not unaware of othersI reactions and understanding why they behave as they do.
  • othersI اقدامات کے حوالے سے کنٹرول ترمیم کے اعمال.
  • Marketing-Effective others to alter habits or their intellects.
  • Mediation-Delivering others collectively and trying to reconcile variances.
  • Teaching-Coaching others how to do something.
  • Service Orientation-Definitely trying to find strategies to support persons.
  • Advanced Problemsolving-Distinguishing advanced problems and researching details that is related appraise and to build up alternatives and apply remedies.
  • Operations Evaluation-Examining product requirements and needs to produce a layout.
  • Technology Design-Aligning gear or creating and technology to provide individual requirements.
  • Equipment Selection-Determining tools and equipment’s kind needed seriously to do a task.
  • قسط-شامل کرنے سے ایپلی کیشنز, مصنوعات, کیبلنگ, یا آلات عام طور پر وضاحتیں کو پورا کرنے کے لئے.
  • Encoding-Writing computer programs regarding different uses.
  • Operations Monitoring-Seeing calls, جائزوں, or different indications to be sure there is a machine currently working properly.
  • Operations and Handle-Controlling operations of systems or devices.
  • Maintenance-Doing upkeep that is routine on devices and deciding when and what sort of maintenance is required.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying reasons for managing glitches and choosing what direction to go about any of it.
  • Fixing-Restoring products or systems using the equipment that are desired.
  • Quality-Control Examination-Doing tests and assessments of products, حل, یا تکنیک کی کارکردگی یا بہترین اندازہ کرنے.
  • View and Decision Making-Considering the comparable charges and advantages of activities that are possible to find the one that is best suited.
  • Analysis-Identifying what sort of process must function and how modifications in operations, مسائل, and the environment will influence outcomes.
  • Methods Analysis-Identifying procedures or indications of performance and also in accordance with the goals of the device, the actions had a need to improve or proper effectiveness.
  • Timemanagement-Managing one’s own occasion.
  • Management of Financial Resources-Deciding how funds will undoubtedly be used to acquire the work completed, اور ان کی فیس کے لئے فروخت.
  • Administration of Materials Assets-Acquiring and experiencing towards the suitable use of products, خدمات, and devices needed seriously to do selected work.
  • ملازمین کی انتظامیہ ریسورسز بلڈنگ, متاثر کن, and pointing persons as they function, identifying the very best individuals for that career.
تعلیمی قابلیت علم کی ضرورت
  • ایک اعلی اسکول ڈپلومہ کم سے زیادہ
  • سینئر ہائی اسکول ڈپلومہ (یا GED یا ایران اسکول مساوی سرٹیفیکیشن)
  • کنیکٹ کے لیول (or other TWO-year stage)
  • کوئی بھی نہیں
کام کنٹرول ہنر کی ضرورت
  • کامیابی / کوشش – 89.14%
  • عزم – 87.50%
  • پروجیکٹ – 86.46%
  • قیادت – 84.91%
  • تعاون – 90.99%
  • دوسروں کے لئے فکر – 93.81%
  • ثقافتی سیدھ – 84.16%
  • خود پر قابو – 90.95%
  • پریشر کی حد – 85.05%
  • VersatilityORMobility – 85.68%
  • استحکام – 88.27%
  • تفصیل پر توجہ – 84.62%
  • سالمیت – 83.74%
  • یوم آزادی – 83.13%
  • انوویشن – 83.44%
  • تجزیاتی سوچ – 85.71%

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