Deputy Sheriff Job Description Sample

Тасвирламасы Эш / Роле һәм җаваплылыгы үрнәге

  • Patrol all assigned areas for the prevention of crime and enforcement of laws and ordinances
  • Present and explain photographs charts and exhibits
  • Make arrests for violations of laws and ordinances
  • Serve civil process papers criminal warrants and other court orders
  • Respond to emergency calls and provide back up
  • Perform emergency first aid when needed
  • Prepare reports and maintain logs
  • Work scheduled shifts that fit the 24 hour a day 7 days a week demand of the Benton County Sheriff s Office
  • Develop and maintain respectful and cooperative working relationships
  • Regular attendance according to the department s work schedule
  • License and Certification State of MN Peace Officer License Valid MN s license while operating vehicle on county business
  • Minimum Abilities Required to Perform Essential Functions
  • In addition general overall good health and condition essential
  • Normal hearing and correctable vision required
  • Must possess physical strength and ability to restrain and control persons and ability to physically defend self
  • This position requires the ability to lift or assist in lifting injured persons
  • Judgment and Situational Reasoning Ability Must possess ability to solve problems and determine appropriate course of action
  • Must possess ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written oral diagrams or schedule forms
  • Must possess ability to use independent judgment and react quickly in emergency situations
  • Communication Skills Requires the ability to communicate effectively and professionally with other law enforcement staff court personnel other county employees and the public
  • Requires the ability to communicate and work with persons from various ethnic backgrounds
  • Environmental Adaptability Work is sometimes performed under environmental conditions such as heat cold noise smoke dust and other related conditions associated with this position
  • Likelihood of verbal abuse and violence exposure in the line of duty
  • Benton County is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • For a more detailed overview of our benefit package Click Here
  • Can you comply with this requirement
  • A valid s license is required for this position
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Associates Degree in Criminal Justice or related area
  • Bachelors Degree or higher in area of Criminal Justice or related area
  • Because Deputy Sheriff I s frequently patrol alone after completion of academy and field training they may encounter difficult situations requiring the application of considerable tact and judgment
  • Responds to suspicious activities and answers emergency calls for service
  • Patrols assigned areas to ensure the security of life and property observe situations and deter crime by providing high visibility
  • Enforces state and local laws and ordinances issues verbal warnings and citations pursues and apprehends suspects and request assistance as required
  • Restores life and property and maintains the peace at public gatherings and in conflict situations
  • Prepares and documents cases completes reports and records and prepares and maintains other logs and records
  • Transports criminals to the Courts hospitals and various other locations
  • Serves civil papers to County residents researches and locates person to be served
  • Serves as a team member in such special projects as drug enforcement livestock investigations and boating regulation enforcement
  • Retrieves identifies and returns found property and or evidence to owners
  • Provides information directions and other services and assistance to the public
  • Coordinates with and serves as back-up to other local law enforcement agencies
  • Knowledge of Basic law enforcement terminology and concepts
  • Techniques for dealing with people of all socio-economiclevels under hostile and emergency situations
  • Safety practices and precautions pertaining to the work
  • First aid methods and their applications
  • Skill in Reading interpreting and applying complex laws procedures and policies
  • Remaining calm and taking appropriate action in tense situations
  • Making rapid sound independent judgments within legal and procedural guidelines
  • Preparing clear and concise reports records and other written materials

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