'Api / Auditor / Technical Internal Auditor Job Description / Ngaahi fatongia / Ngaahi fatongia mo e sipinga 'o e fatongia

Technical Internal Auditor Job Description / Ngaahi fatongia / Ngaahi fatongia mo e sipinga 'o e fatongia

Fakamatala 'o e ngaue / Ngaahi fatongia / Ngaahi fatongia mo e sipinga 'o e fatongia

  • Perform audit fieldwork by conducting interviews reviewing and observing work in question maintaining field work according to the audit program and examining related supporting documentation
  • Assist in audit planning by conducting research for potential audits and participating in meetings to develop audit scope and objectives
  • Interact with field clients by corresponding with supervisors and providing feedback and recommendations
  • Prepare work papers and report findings by reviewing materials obtained by evidence preparing concise work papers and documenting audit findings and recommendations
  • Follows up on audit recommendations to ensure implementation of recommended corrective action
  • Performs special projects by learning systems to extract data and evaluate processes to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Provide staff support for a variety of boards and commissions attend and participate in professional group meetings
  • Overall responsible for planning and performing audits of general system and application controls IT processes project management and data integrity in liaison with business audit specialists
  • Leverage knowledge of systems and data to participate in the planning of IT integrated audits
  • Responsible for quality assurance procedures and reviewing processes pertaining to the processing of data data security issues and programming guidelines
  • Execute Information Technology audits as defined by management and the Audit Committee
  • Identify and evaluate the organization s risk areas and provide input to the development of the annual audit plan
  • Identify develop and document audit issues and recommendations Communicate or assist in communicating the results of audit and consulting projects to management
  • Develop and maintain productive client and staff relationships through individual contacts and group meetings
  • Represent internal audit on organizational project teams at management meetings and with external organizations
  • Provide or assist in providing training coaching and guidance to internal audit staff and or Care Source external auditors in conducting audits and other audit-related issues
  • Draft the scope and objectives for individual audit and prepare audit programs
  • Conduct data extraction analysis and security reviews utilizing
  • Act as liaison with business partners to ensure full understanding of data flow data integrity and system security
  • Assess IT control elements to mitigate IT risks regarding the confidentiality integrity and availability of business information
  • Participate in the development of the Group Internal Audit Department strategy budget and planning process
  • Provide input into the preparation of yearly audit plan
  • Facilitate effective utilization of audit time budget to help complete the annual audit plan by the year end
  • Collaborate with Team to plan and develop audit activities
  • Implement audit plans by maintaining relations with audited departments in order to obtain access to their documentation reports systems and personnel
  • Assist both Management and the Audit Committee by examining evaluating reporting and recommending improvements on the adequacy and effectiveness of Management s risk processes
  • Identify and evaluate significant risk exposures in the normal course of duty
  • Determine whether appropriate risk management processes are in place adequate and effective and recommend improvements
  • Provide assurance on whether IDB Group risk management process is sufficient to protect the assets reputation and ongoing operations of the Group
  • Identify the critical and consequence impact of the risk exposure to achieving objectives
  • Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the controls to mitigate risks encompassing IDB s governance operations and information systems
  • Identify the established objectives of a give business process the risks to achieving
  • Assist in any special audit assignments or investigations mandated by the Management
  • Participate in audit committees by providing input from area of responsibility
  • Participate in formulating the overall judgement opinion about IDB Group risk management process and system of controls to senior management and the Audit Committee
  • Review the internal controls and make any recommendations for necessary improvements
  • Implement a fraud embezzlement detection investigation prevention and reporting program
  • The internal Auditor will be responsible to plan their internal audit program
  • Policy Procedures execute the internal audit plan and participate in process and internal control improvement initiatives
  • Review and assess the functioning of systems processes and controls
  • Identify assess and evaluate risks affecting to achieve companies objectives
  • Evaluate the economy and efficiency with which resources are allocated and utilized
  • Review compliance with applicable policies plans procedures laws and regulations
  • Assist management with identifying and assessing strategic risks
  • Design Audit programs and supervise in key audit assignments follow up on the progress of implementation of recommendations
  • Ability to define problems collects data establish facts and draw valid conclusions
  • Establish appropriate policies and procedures to guide the internal audit function and ensure the quality of the assurance services delivered
  • Coordinate with the external auditors in the areas above if necessary
  • Successfully developed Anti-Fraud Policy and Anti-Fraud Procedure
  • Planning and developing audit strategies and procedures by performing risk assessments in response to business risks and financial risks
  • Preparation of SWOT analysis and testing of key controls over the business and accounting processes
  • Participate in process and internal control improvement initiatives Confer with management staff and meet with other in-charges on a wide range internal audit issues
  • Demonstrate high standards of conduct and ethics as well as appropriate judgment independence and discretion
  • Assist in the investigation of significant suspected fraudulent activities within the organization and notify the Accounting Officer and management of the results
  • Performs audit procedures to verify that controls are operating through testing and interviewing techniques
  • Analyses and concludes on effectiveness and efficiency of control environment
  • Identifies control gaps and opportunities for improvement
  • Documents the results of audit work in accordance with audit department and the Institute of Internal Auditors IIA standards
  • Assess evaluate and promote compliance to internal control policies
  • Provides advice on internal control and participates in enhancing internal audit standards and practices within group
  • All assigned work and clarification to be updated to the management from time to time

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