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Bartenders Job Description / Majukumu na Wajibu Kigezo

Blend and provide refreshments to customers, right or through waitstaff. Career Skills Qualification Acquire funds for products supported. Verify id of shoppers to authenticate age specifications for purchase of booze. Stability income statements. Make an effort to limit troubles and obligation related to shoppersextreme drinking by taking actions for

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Correctional Officers And Jailers Job Description / Wajibu Kigezo Na Kazi

Guard inmates in penal corporations in accordance with proven laws and methods. May safeguard prisoners intransit between imprisonment, courtroom, imprisonment, or other place. Contains deputy sheriffs and police who devote many their moment preserving criminals in correctional organizations. Career Skills Prerequisite Shield facility gates to display readers. Examine send for

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Airfield Operations Specialists Job Description / Duty Kigezo Na Majukumu

Ensure navy and commercial aircraft’s safe takeoff and getting. Responsibilities include control between air traffic control and servicing staff; sending; utilizing airfield getting and navigational aids; applying safety treatments that are airfield; preserving and overseeing airfare records; and using knowledge of temperature data. Career Skills Qualification Apply airfield security treatments

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Orderlies Job Description / Tasks And Duty Sample

Transport people to areas such as managing bedrooms or xray bedrooms applying stretchers wheelchairs, or moveable mattresses beds. May retain futures of materials or clear and carry products. Job Skills Prerequisite Solution individual call techniques, transmission lamps or alerts to determine peopleA requires. Have information or paperwork between divisions. kurekebisha …

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