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Secondary School Physical Teacher Job Description


Basic Responsibility

  • Tactically and creatively apply the well-known curriculum as approved.
  • Plan and select the suitable learning and teaching activities that are in arrangement with WPS standards.
  • Exercise good classroom organization with the use of fair and steady standards and appropriate sanctions that are clearly articulated to the students.
  • Promote students to ask questions and to express their difficulties.
  • Use and know a large range of measurement strategies reliable with course content and objectives.
  • Provide reports on student progress and maintain open announcement with ensuring that these reports are correct and productive.
  • Differentiate assessment and instructions to meet the various needs of students.
  • Identify students who need extra educational support and be able to refer such students suitably.
  • Provide opportunities for student appearance using spoken, written, and electronic forms of communication.
  • Extend lessons that connect students in advanced order thinking (refer to Bloom’s Taxonomy).
  • Offer a secure learning atmosphere in which students can take intellectual risks.
  • Use learning assets and equipment to enhance lessons where appropriate.
  • Create a motivating and challenging learning environment with efficient use being made of classroom displays.
  • Develop student collaboration and patience through group work.
  • Create an environment that fosters a universal mind set.
  • Create an atmosphere of shared respect.
  • Support students in taking liability for their own actions.
  • Promote students to set practical goals and to use their time in a constructive manner.
  • Encourage students to take part in the co-curricula life of the school.
  • Allot homework that is meaningful and correct.
  • Follow specialized Protocols.
  • Maintain perfect and timely records.
  • Attend functions in support of school and society.
  • Attend all meetings as compulsory.
  • Maintain student portfolios and assist student led conference following division necessities.


  • Ability to eloquent the Mission, Vision, and Values of the school, both vocally and in writing.
  • Complete knowledge of instruction and prospectus within the proper content area and/or grade level.
  • Ability to function as a student accomplish advisor and advocate.
  • Deeply understanding of all elements, goals, instructional best practice strategies, as well as the skill to clearly expressive the plan to parents and students.
  • Exceptional listening skills.
  • Extremely developed written and vocal communication skills.
  • Highly developed presentation skills.
  • Including effective organizational skills but not limited to lesson planning, implementing units of study, differentiating instruction, manipulating and implementing assessments.
  • Ability to examine student progress and report information in a sensible manner.
  • Ability to manage, entrust and observe tasks
  • Ability to counselor and coach students.
  • Highly developed mutual leadership skills and the ability to work well with and through others.
  • Ability to prioritize and to apply allotted assets in arrangement with confirmed  academic priorities.
  • Ability to advance and maintain a optimistic school environment.
  • Sense of humor.

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