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Desktop Publishers Job Description / احتساب سانچي ۽ خدمات

Structure typescript and things that are visual applying computer programs to make newsletter-prepared material.

نوڪري صلاحيتون کپن
  • Examine regarding glitches in last and preliminary evidence and produce essential corrections.
  • Function desktop publishing products and software to style, formulate, and produce camera -set copy.
  • See screens throughout approach for graphic representation of work-in-progress and for instructions and comments, building alterations as vital.
  • Enter wording into key pad and choose the sizing and kind of sort, ray thickness, and proper space for branded supplies.
  • Store clones of guides on magnetic tape, paper, movie.
  • Craft elements and location text from a selection of databases in a visually-appealing method to website pages or style produce, applying familiarity with design behaviour and measurement and type styles.
  • Enter digitized files into electronic prepress system pc ram, using camera scanner, keyboard, or mouse mouse.
  • Pics and edit visuals, employing photograph retouching, airbrushing, protecting, or pixel editing.
  • Craft elements and significance text, including digital or automated clipart information from photos which were scanned or developed using a digital camera, applying computer programs.
  • Make trial templates for approval, employing PC software.
  • Additional layout instructions or research layout to find out perform to become accomplished and sequence of operations.
  • Fill floppy disks or footage comprising details into process.
  • Transform various kinds of records regarding publishing or for your Net, applying computer programs.
  • Enter information, such as for instance harmonizes of photos and color features, into program produce and to retouch colour modifications.
  • Choose number of colors and determine colour separations.
  • Transmit, deliver or email publication master to printer regarding generation into film and plates.
  • Collaborate using graphic artists, authors and writers to make master copies according-to style specs.
  • Generate special-effects including vignettes, mosaics, and graphic combining, and add components such as for instance appear and movement to automated textbooks.

ڪم Routines جي گهرج آهي
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowing prepared phrases and lines in work related docs.
  • Active-Listening-Presenting entire focus on what others are saying, using time and energy to comprehend the details being made, مناسب طور تي سوال درخواست, ۽ نا مناسب موقعن تي ڳاھٽ نه.
  • Creating-Interacting effectively written down as right for the needs of the market.
  • Chatting-Speaking with others to convey information properly.
  • Math-Utilizing math to resolve issues.
  • Research-Utilizing controlled guidelines and methods to solve problems.
  • Critical Thinking-Employing judgement and reasons to identify the talents and flaws of choice options, conclusions يا مسئلن کي طريقن سان.
  • Active-Learning-Comprehending new information’s ramifications regarding each upcoming and present problemsolving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Methods-Utilizing and choosing teaching/tutorial strategies and processes befitting the situation coaching or when learning fresh points.
  • Checking-MonitoringPERDetermining functionality of companies, اضافي ماڻهو, or oneself to generate enhancements or consider remedial steps.
  • سماجي ٻين جي خبر Perceptiveness-انڪري’ tendencies and knowledge why they respond because they do.
  • Coordination-Altering actions with regards to othersI activities.
  • Marketing-Persuading others to improve habits or their heads.
  • ڳالهين-Delivering ٻين جو مجموعو ۽ variances پيدا ڪرڻ ڪوشش.
  • Teaching-Teaching others just how to do something.
  • Services Orientation-Positively searching for methods to support folks.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Distinguishing complicated dilemmas and researching linked information to build up and appraise choices and implement solutions.
  • Procedures Research-Inspecting item specifications and requires to create a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Technology to serve individual and generating or establishing tools requirements.
  • Gear Selection-Identifying the type of equipment and tools needed to do a career.
  • قسط-گڏي ڊوائيسز, ڀٽائي, cabling, يا specifications مٿي ملڻ لاء منصوبو.
  • Development-Publishing computer packages for purposes that are different.
  • Function Monitoring-Observing gauges, dials, or other signs to be sure an equipment is operating correctly.
  • Procedure and Handle-Preventing operations of techniques or devices.
  • Maintenance-Performing routine upkeep on gear and identifying when.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding factors behind problems that are working and determining what direction to go about it.
  • Restoring-Fixing systems or machines using the tools that are needed.
  • Quality Control Examination-Doing exams and investigations of products, ڪمپنين, يا فعاليت يا چڱو نتيجن کي طريقيڪار.
  • Judgment and Decision Making-Considering the comparative fees and advantages of steps that are potential to find the one that is most suitable.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining how a process must work and just how changes in the environment, طريقا, جو اڃان اوھان سان گڏ مالڪي متاثر ڪري سگهو ٿا.
  • Systems Analysis-Distinguishing steps or symptoms of system performance as well as correct or the activities needed seriously to increase performance, هن مشين جي ور سان مطابق ۾.
  • Timemanagement-Handling the moment of others along with oneis personal occasion.
  • Supervision of Money-Determining how income will soon be used to obtain the task performed, ۽ انهن خرچن لاء سنڀار.
  • Management of Content Resources-Finding and discovering towards the appropriate utilization of products, amenities, and supplies needed seriously to do particular function.
  • Management of Workers Resources-Inspiring, حاصل, ۽ ماڻهن شوري جيئن اهي ڪميٽيء, determining the most effective folks for your task.
تربيت Qualification علم جي ضرورت آهي
  • الحاق جي اسٽيج (يا اضافي 2-yr ڊپلوما)
  • بي اي جي ڊگري
  • جي حوالي سان 1 yr, آس پاس ۽ شامل آهن 2 سال
نوڪري حڪم صلاحيتون گهرج
  • AchievementANDEnergy – 88.89%
  • Persistence – 82.79%
  • شروعات – 87.55%
  • انتظام – 86.72%
  • تعاون – 93.05%
  • ٻيا لاء ڪم – 83.94%
  • ثقافتي سڌي – 82.97%
  • خود تي ضابطي – 89.04%
  • دٻاء رواداري – 87.24%
  • CustomizationANDFlexibility – 91.12%
  • Consistency – 90.57%
  • وڌيڪ تفصيل تي زور – 97.60%
  • ديانت – 86.70%
  • آزادي – 85.84%
  • تخليق ڪرڻ – 93.68%
  • تجزياتي سوچ – 88.82%

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