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Safety Officer Job Description / Roles / Duties and Responsibility Sample

Job Description / Roles / Duties and Responsibility Sample

  • Reviews accident reports corrective actions taken and makes additional recommendations as needed
  • Conducts 18 mile driving evaluations on all employees driving County vehicles and makes recommendations regarding poor driving habits
  • Provides consultation services to departments to assist them in developing an effective hazard identification inspection and training program
  • Conducts periodic review of safety programs and develops recommendations for revisions
  • Conducts pre-inspections of building for safety hazards before lease or purchase
  • Provides staff services to the safety council to assist in carrying out responsibilities and functions
  • Maintains and upgrades professional knowledge skills and development by attending seminars and training programs and reading trade and professional journals and publications
  • Performs other related duties as assigned
  • Knowledge of Principles practices and methods of safety and OSHA programs
  • Applicable state federal and local ordinances codes laws acts rules and regulations and legislative issues
  • Principles and techniques of employee training
  • Methods and techniques of research statistical analysis and report presentation
  • All computer applications and hardware related to performance of the essential functions of the job
  • Internal departmental policies and procedures
  • County government organization and operations
  • Skill in Using tact discretion initiative and independent judgment within established guidelines
  • Researching compiling and summarizing a variety of informational and statistical data and materials
  • Organizing work setting priorities meeting critical deadlines and following up on assignments with a minimum of direction
  • Using a VDT to accurately and rapidly enter and retrieve data and information
  • Communicating orally with internal staff citizens and other departmental staff in order to give and receive information in a courteous manner
  • Important Application Information It is your responsibility to demonstrate through your application materials how you meet the minimum qualifications of the position s for which you apply
  • Ability to work under pressure and according to the company rules
  • Develop Safety Procedures-Prepare Safety Documents and safety Plans
  • The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring and assessing hazardous and unsafe situations and developing measures to assure personnel safety
  • Safety Officer may exercise emergency authority to prevent or stop unsafe acts
  • The Safety Officer ensures the Site Safety and Health Plan is prepared and implemented
  • Ensure preparation and implementation of Site Safety and Health Plan-Manage risks Hazards in the site

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