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Regulatory Compliance Analyst Job Description Sample


Basic job responsibility

 Assist with the creation and implementation of organizational policies standards and

procedures to comply with applicable regulations.

 Assist with the development and maintenance of local standard operational procedures that

support efficiency safety and a higher level compliance.

 Provide strategic advice and recommendations to the Director or designee with regards to the

best practices policies rules and regulations.

 Conduct internal reviews and assist with the establishment of internal controls to ensure the

department achieves and maintains government compliance.

 Assist with the development of comprehensive training plans while overseeing periodic

compliance training and education for the department.

 Provide training and assistance to the various sections of the department which improve

standard operating procedures and overall compliance.

 Monitor applicable regulatory changes and communicate train and assist with the

implementation of regulatory changes.

 Communicate and report noncompliance issues so the Director or designee may enforce

standards through disciplinary policies to ensure the organization achieves and maintains

government compliance.

 Monitor and report noncompliance and mitigate potential liabilities to help avoid penalties

sanctions or other legal punishment.

 Provide research and investigation into compliance issues relative to mandated costs

operational controls procedural deficiencies and safety consideration.

 Conducts and maintains oversight over county formal and non-formal competitive bidding


 Maintains oversight responsibility for purchase orders up to 100 000 in the Oracle purchasing

modul pentru a asigura conformitatea cu politicile și procedurile de reguli județene.

 poate administra contracte la nivel de județ.

 pot participa la reuniuni de planificare pe săptămână.

 Efectuează alte sarcini atribuite de către supraveghetor.

 participă la training-uri ca atribuite de către supraveghetor.

 Oferă o clarificare interpretare și expertiza tehnică a întregului personal județ pe legile granturi

Reguli procedurile de politică de reglementare și etică.

 Dezvoltă și oferă formale și-on- o formare a personalului județean cu privire la politica de granturi

procedurile și cele mai bune practici.

 Provides analytical technical and functional expertise and administrative assistance to the

Chief Financial Officer and the Board of Commissioners Office.


 Physical chemical microbiological and bacteriological analysis of water.

 Principles of water quality backflow prevention and the types of backflow devices and their


 Working knowledge of computers and electronic data processing working knowledge of

modern office practices and procedures some knowledge of accounting principles and practices.

 Record-keeping and report preparation techniques.

 Interpersonal skills using tact patience and courtesy.

 Oral and written communication skills.

 Correct English usage grammar spelling punctuation and vocabulary.

 Principles of training and providing work direction.

 Technical aspects of field of specialty.

 Use a two-way radio to communicate with field personnel

 Ability to interpret and apply City State and federal law codes ordinances regulations policies

and procedures related to potable water systems

 Research analyze and apply technical information related to water quality and water backflow

prevention operations and develop procedures that meet legal requirements

 Prepare review and inspect specifications to assure compliance and compatibility with

existing systems and applicable codes standards specifications and practices

 Read understand apply and communicate complex materials

 Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted during the course

of work

 Communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing

 Understand and carry out both oral and written directions

 Analyze situations accurately and adopt an effective course of action

 Perform mathematical calculations

 Provide technical assistance to staff outside contractors and administrators

 Monitor personnel material and equipment needs and provide recommendations concerning

Department expenditures and prepare related budget proposals

 Prepare and maintain a variety of records files and reports financial activity budget data

proposals and assigned activities

 Communicate with administrators staff governmental agencies contractors and outside

organizations to exchange information coordinate activities and resolve issues or concerns

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