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Program Adviser Job Description / Roles / Duties and Responsibility Sample

Job Description / Roles / Duties and Responsibility Sample

  • Maintains confidential student records and adhere to FERPA guidelines
  • Assists in the transfer university admissions appeal process
  • Identifies educational and personal barriers that students face and assist students in creating a plan of action to break down identified barriers
  • Travels to universities throughout the state to maintain current on admissions and program information
  • Establishes and maintains contacts with university admissions and major programs
  • Provides expertise and guidance to faculty in the area of academic advising for the purpose of university transfer
  • Responds to from faculty on students regarding academic personal and disciplinary concerns
  • Develops and delivers orientations advising sessions workshops and presentations on student / Employee success strategies
  • Organizes and presents advising training for new tenure track faculty
  • Develops and or participates in the development of advising materials on-line advising services and processes that facilitate an efficient and effective advising system
  • Participates in the training of new academic advisers
  • Contributes to the content and basic design of the division and advising website
  • Establishes and maintains faculty partnerships for the purpose of student referrals program development addressing students needs of academic personal and or disciplinary concerns
  • Acts as advising liaison facilitating the transfer of relevant information within the division by making recommendations to Assistant Deans and Division Deans on advising related issues
  • Performs related duties as required
  • Communicates with FDIC and FEDSIM executives on all issues associated with contract
  • Manages the performance of in-depth studies to determine optimum performance plans
  • Assist with data management surveys and program evaluation
  • Assist with maintenance of program communication materials such as brochures business cards and Power Point presentations
  • Perform other duties as assigned

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