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Park Ranger I – Job Description / Roles / Duties and Responsibility Sample

Job Description / Roles / Duties and Responsibility Sample

  • Supervises employees involved in enforcing rules and regulations in Park facilities City Parks and Mountain Parks
  • Develops and manages programmatic needs within area s of responsibility or as assigned
  • Investigates complaints of ranger behavior and makes formal recommendations
  • Manages assigned budget and purchases needed services and goods per city rules
  • May develop standard operating procedures and make formal recommendations
  • Develops and coordinates strategies for rule compliance and education in areas of responsibility
  • Plans assigns and evaluates the work of staff members provides technical expertise to staff and establishes unit and staff work goals and objectives
  • Works with various internal and external customers to resolve complaints and or problems and answers a variety of questions concerns
  • Reviews develops and or modifies work plans methods and procedures determines work priorities and develops work schedules to provide adequate staff coverage
  • Provides work instruction assists employees with difficult and or unusual assignments and encourages innovation
  • Trains employees in the day-to-day procedures of the work unit and mastery of individual knowledge skills and abilities essential to work tasks
  • Resolves problems mediates conflicts encountered during daily operations determines appropriate solutions and promotes teamwork
  • Encourages regular communication and informs staff of relevant business issues and their impact on the organization
  • Develops the performance enhancement plan documents performance provides performance feedback and formally evaluates the work of employees
  • Ensures quality effectiveness and efficiency of unit activities and safety measures
  • Documents causes for disciplinary action initiates letters of reprimand and makes formal recommendations for disciplinary action
  • Responds to formal and informal employee grievances and prepares written responses
  • Preferred Qualifications Denver Department of Safety Special Police Authority as a Code Enforcement Commissioner and DPR appointement as a Park Ranger
  • Possession of CPR and first aid or higher certification
  • Prior supervision of direct reports involving performance evaluations
  • Licensure and or Certification Possession of a valid s license

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