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Di Atministradónan Di Education, Elementary And Secondary College Career Description Sample

Mapa di, direct, or co Ordinate the educational, atministrativo, or auxiliary activities of public or private elementary or secondary level schools.

Abilidat Di Trabou Request
  • Review and approve new plans, or recommend changes to existing programs, submitting program proposals for school board approval as required.
  • Prepará, reserva, or supervise the preparation and upkeep of preparing, action, attendance, or personnel reports and records.
  • Confer with staff and parents to discuss teaching, prosedementu, and student behavioral or learning issues.
  • Prepare and submit recommendations and budget requests, or grant proposals to solicit program funding.
  • Coordinate and direct school maintenance services and using school facilities.
  • Advice and provide guidance to students regarding private, educational, vocational, or issues.
  • Direct and organize committees of specialists, boluntario, and staff to provide advisory and technical assistance for programs.
  • Promoter for new schools to be built, or for existing facilities to be fixed or remodeled.
  • Plan and develop strategies and content for pupil activity plans, vocational, or educational.
  • Develop partnerships with companies, communities, and other organizations to help meet identified needs and to provide school-to-perform systems.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of teachers, di atministradónan, and support staff at colleges, public companies, and associations.
  • Evaluate curricula, training methods, and programs to ensure that school actions comply with federal, estado, and local ordinances, and to determine their effectiveness, e efficiency, and utilization.
  • Establish and targets, and help establish procedures and policies to carry them out.
  • Recruit , buta, zundra, and assess supplemental and principal staff.
  • Apply attendance and discipline rules.
  • Observe teaching methods and analyze learning materials to discover areas where improvement is needed, and to evaluate and standardize programs and teaching techniques.
  • Stablesé, coordinate, and oversee specific systems like programs to evaluate student academic accomplishment, across school districts.
  • Critique and interpret authorities codes, and create programs to ensure adherence to facility safety and codes, riba, bai kuminda.
  • Discover allocations of funds for staff, ministro, comprende, i produktonan, and authorize buys.
  • Recommend personnel actions related to programs and services.
  • Collaborate with teachers to develop and maintain program standards, produce mission statements, and establish targets and performance targets.
  • Accumulate and analyze regulatory information, survey data, and info on employment and demographic trends to forecast registration routines and curriculum change demands.
  • Discover the range of educational program offerings, and prepare drafts of course schedules and descriptions to estimate staffing and facility requirements.
  • Strategy and lead professional development activities for assistance staff, di atministradónan, and teachers.
  • Participate in specific education-related activities including offering support to teachers through the district and attending meetings.
  • Meet with federal, estado, and local authorities to discuss developments for education systems and to keep updated on policies.
  • Mapa di, co Ordinate, and manage school logistics plans such as bus and food services.
  • Direct and organize activities and programs such as after-school contests that are athletic and events.
  • Educate lessons or classes to students.
  • Compose other publications, manuel, and articles, and help out with the distribution of promotional literature about facilities and plans.
  • Mentor and support administrative personnel such as principals and superintendents.

Job Tasks Requirement
  • Komprenshon pa lesa en Komprenshon skirbí pa fase i párafo den e archivonan relacionnan ku e trabou.
  • Scucha aktua en miembro tur e atenshon riba kiko e otronan ta:, na tempu pa konosé e, hasi preguntanan manera korespondé, i no interior na momentu inapropiados.
  • Composing-Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the requirements of the audience.
  • Papia en Papia ku otro pa transmití e informashon un manera efisiente.
  • Matemátika, esta e Funshon di matemátika pa disidí di problema.
  • Di konosementu en Uza regels sientífiko i un prosedementu pa disidí problema.
  • Critical Thinking-Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, concludes òf método pa e problema grandi.
  • Prenda activo en di Komprenshon pa konsekuensia di nobo informashon pa e aktual i potensia di desishon riba problema i e tuma un decision di.
  • Learning Strategies-Choosing and utilizing coaching/educational methods and processes suitable for the situation when learning or teaching new things.
  • Siguiente en Monitor/Evaluashon di diseño di bo mes, otro persona, òf organisacion pa hasi mehora òf tuma echonan correcte.
  • E Perspicacia Sosial En Ta konsiente di e demas’ e reaccionnan i komprenshon pa por hasi reacties manera ta hasi.
  • E kordinashon di Ahuste di echonan den e respeta e demas’ aktividat.
  • Konvensé en Konvensí ku otro na tambe un bista òf e nombramento.
  • Diskushon a añadí na otro i e tratado di ousiliar e lagnan.
  • Eduká a Siña di otro ta hasi akto.
  • Service Orientation-Actively looking for ways to help folks.
  • Kompliká Desishon di problema en Identifica di problema complejos i rica di informashon relacionnan di eskolar i gusta e alternativanan i a implementá soluciona.
  • Operations Analysis-Assessing needs and product requirements to create a layout.
  • E teknologia di Diseño di General òf adaptá equipos i teknologia pa sirbi e nesesidatnan di salario.
  • Gear Choice-Discovering the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.
  • E programa di instalashon en Instalashon di produktonan, bo disposishon, blad, òf programa ku ta kumplí ku splicacion.
  • Programa di Skirbi e programa di splicacion na diferente funcion.
  • E funshonamentu di Segmento di Conservacion di medida, marka, òf otro nicolas pa kumpli ku un máquina ta funciona direktamente.
  • Proseso i Kontrol en di Kontrol di e ministerionan di equipos òf sitemap.
  • Equipment Care-Performing routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what type of care is needed.
  • Soluciona di problema en Kousa e pleitunan di engañonan di funshonamentu i disidí kiko ta hasi na tokante.
  • Repairing-Repairing machines or systems using the tools that are needed.
  • Kontrol di kalidat di Evaluashon en prueba di funshonamentu i e inspecciones di merkansia, procedures na, òf proceso pa balorá e personalidad, òf na e kalidat.
  • Judgment and Decision Making-Considering the relative costs and benefits of potential actions to choose the one that is most suitable.
  • Analisis di e sistema en di Descubrimiento ta kon mester traha un sistema i ta e kambio den e ministerionan na, circunstancianan, i di medio ambiente ta bai na apesar di e resultado.
  • Sistema di Evaluashon En Identifica riba midí òf nicolas den operashon for di e sistema i di e echonan nesesario pa mehora òf mata e atendimiento, di akuerdo ku e ophetivo e sistema.
  • Time Management-Managing one’s own period and the time of the others.
  • Management of Monetary Resources-Determining how money will be spent to get the perform done, i di kontabilidat di e gastunan.
  • Direction of Material Resources-Obtaining and seeing to the proper use of supplies, inflacion, bai e grupo nesesario pa hasi e trabou partikular.
  • E gasten di e Recurso di Personal En Motivashon, e desaroyo di, bai kuminsá na e personanan functies, e identifica e mihó hendenan pa ku e trabou.
Request Di Education Topa Request Premio
  • Mester’c Grado
  • Permiso’c Grado
  • Otro 4 aña, riba i included 6 aña
Occupation Direction Skills Requirement
  • Gara/Poder – 94.77%
  • Di eksistensia – 95.12%
  • E inisiativa – 94.02%
  • Direkshon – 96.58%
  • E operacion – 96.13%
  • E preokupashon pa e Restu – 94.26%
  • Orientation Sosial – 87.97%
  • Outo Controle – 95.04%
  • Toleransha Di Resien – 95.85%
  • Desabilidat/Fleksibilidat – 95.12%
  • Di abilidat – 95.38%
  • E atenshon na Detaye – 94.67%
  • Di étika – 94.18%
  • Di independensia – 89.25%
  • Ubicacion – 90.52%
  • Pensamentu Analisis – 95.10%

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