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Shifting Plant Supervisor Job Description Sample

Basic Job Responsibility

  • Assigns and reviews work of other employees.

  • Conducts regular and periodic performance reviews of subordinates.

  • Collects analyzes and interprets various power plant water and steam samples
    and takes corrective action as needed.

  • Ensures conformance to accepted qualitative and quantitative laboratory
    procedures as well as power plant chemistry guidelines.

  • Provides Quality Assurance Quality Control QA QC oversight of production
    tasks that impact chemistries related to the operation of a power plant.

  • Independently makes necessary adjustments to power plant water and chemical
    systems based on analyses performed and on-line instrumentation.

  • Prepares data reports and ensures adherence to and administration of a QA QC

  • Prepares detailed records and reports in a timely manner.

  • Oversees data entry into the Laboratory Information Management System LIMS

  • Ensures records and logs in accordance with NELAC standards are maintained
    and prepares detailed records and reports in a timely manner.

  • Performs chemical analyses using gravimetric spectrophotometric
    turbidimetric and titrimetric methods in conformance to Standard Methods.

  • Develops and evaluates new analytical methods.

  • Prepares laboratory reagents as needed in conformance to Standard Methods
    and NELAC as well as general laboratory procedures.

  • Operates controls and troubleshoots water treatment systems such as
    demineralizers reverse osmosis and electro-deionization equipment.

  • Complies with information provided on Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS for
    all products.

  • Handles and stores items properly.

  • Observes and adheres to proper tag out and lockout of plant equipment and
    systems in accordance with clearance procedures policies and practices.

  • Attends training courses to learn operation and maintenance requirements of
    power plant laboratory facilities equipment and operation.

  • Works with other power plant personnel to start up troubleshoot or shut down
    equipment for corrective or preventive maintenance.

  • Responds to emergency conditions.

  • Holds self and others to the no compromise policy when it comes to personnel

  • Attends work on a continuous and regular basis.

  • Keeps records of labor and materials.

  • Oversees cleaning of plant facilities equipment and general housekeeping.

  • Reviews and approves subordinates timesheets.

  • May be responsible for enforcing the Drug Free Workplace Policy based on physical
    location and organizational structure.

  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

  • Working knowledge of principles and methods of qualitative and quantitative
    chemical and biological analysis used in environmental monitoring.

  • Working knowledge and familiarity with National Environmental Laboratory
    Accreditation Conference NELAC standards and procedures.

  • Working knowledge and familiarity with Quality Assurance Quality Control QA
    QC programs for process and environmental work.

  • Working knowledge of functions and servicing requirements for laboratory
    equipment and machinery.

  • Working knowledge of occupational hazards and accident prevention methods in
    assigned area of responsibility.

  • Working knowledge of principles and operation of demineralizer systems
    cooling towers cooling systems brine concentrators flash evaporators and
    chemical feed systems.

  • Working knowledge of potential hazards and procedures for fire and explosion

  • Working knowledge of OSHA regulations in industrial environment.

  • Skill in use of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments.

  • Ability to respond to urgent or emergency conditions by properly applying
    job skills and knowledge to take or initiate appropriate action.

  • Ability to perform independent analysis of fuels coal oil.

  • Ability to perform independent analysis of water and maintain and operate
    equipment used in treatment of water.

  • Ability to operate work-related equipment.

  • Ability to maintain and repair liquid analysis instrumentation.

  • Ability to read and comprehend technical bulletins manufacturers operating
    instructions and information dealing with power plant laboratory principles
    and practices.

  • Ability to keep and maintain work records and prepare reports.

  • Ability to read understand and comply with Material Safety Data Sheets MSDS.

  • Ability to do intermediate level mathematical calculations.

  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

  • Ability to guide and train subordinate personnel in performance of their

  • Ability to work effectively with coworkers and the general public.

  • Demonstrates a strong customer orientation.

  • Strong interpersonal skills as demonstrated by the ability to interact
    collaboratively and productively and to build effective relationships with
    individuals of diverse backgrounds.

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