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Moneda, Ya ar 'ba̲, Ne ntsuni nu'u ya máquina njohya ne descripción ar 'be̲fi 'bede xi na nza̲tho ma / Puestos ar 'be̲fi ne muestra ar 'be̲fi

'Befi, T'o̲ho, restaurar ar efectivo, bocadillo, wa máquinas njohya, da 'ñent'i videojuegos, cajas juke wa máquinas tragamonedas, wa ajustar.

Carrera habilidades requisito
  • Fill machines using substances, Productos, Fondos, Bí nja'bu̲ bí komongu ma'ra ya materiales.
  • Da registros ya xeni Nthuts'i asignados ne dólares recaudados.
  • Da efectivo ne mahyoni ya productos, hoki ar cuentas, and reconcile records with concessionaires.
  • Make company calls to steadfastly keep up and restore models.
  • Measures and inspect models to ascertain causes of failures and fix slight problems for example caught products or packed costs.
  • Devices that are examination to ascertain proper operating.
  • Contact repair staff that are other or finances for it for your removal of devices in cases where fixes that are key are needed.
  • Clear and oil equipment elements.
  • Record purchase informative data on types or logs, and alert given employees of discrepancies.
  • Alter equipment force features and thermostats.
  • Preserve data of restore and unit preservation.
  • Change malfunctioning elements, including used magnetic mind on automatic teller equipment (ATM) cards readers.
  • Change and restore measures and coin, merchandising, or entertainment equipment and change malfunctioning technical and electric areas, applying hand-tools, soldering iron, and diagrams.
  • Appliance maintenance were required for by get components.
  • Disassemble devices, in accordance with specifications and utilizing hands and power tools.
  • Deploy devices, making the required water and electrical contacts in complying using requirements.
  • Consult with wiring and books diagrams to gather info had a need to repair products.
  • Transport models to installation websites.
  • Make repair price estimates.

'Medi da ja ya nt'o̲t'e profesionales
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowledge created sentences and sentences in work-related papers.
  • Active-Listening-Offering complete attention to what other-people say, acquiring time for you to realize the items being built, wondering questions as correct, and never stifling at improper moments.
  • Writing-Communicating successfully on paper as right for the wants of the audience.
  • Speaking-Talking-to others to share information efficiently.
  • Mathematics-Employing mathematics to solve issues.
  • Science-Using clinical rules and techniques to remedy issues.
  • Critical-Thinking-Employing judgement and thought to recognize the advantages and weaknesses of alternate answers, findings or methods to dilemmas.
  • Active-Learning-Understanding the benefits of information that is new for each upcoming and recent problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Methods-Selecting and employing coachingORinstructional methods and treatments befitting the situation when studying or coaching fresh things.
  • Checking-TrackingPEREvaluating performance of oneself, persons that are additional, or corporations take corrective steps or to produce changes.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Knowing otherstendencies and knowing why they behave while they do.
  • Coordination-Altering actions with regards to othersactivities.
  • Marketing-Persuading others to alter behavior or their thoughts.
  • Mediation-Bringing others collectively and trying to reconcile differences.
  • Assisting-Teaching others how exactly to do something.
  • Service Orientation-Actively looking for ways to support persons.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Distinguishing intricate issues and reviewing data that is linked to build up and consider alternatives and implement solutions.
  • Operations Analysis-Analyzing requires and product specifications to make a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Engineering to assist individual and building or establishing gear requires.
  • Gear Selection-Identifying tools and equipment’s sort needed to do a work.
  • Installation-Adding devices, Productos, cabling, or applications to fulfill features.
  • Programming-Writing computer packages for various uses.
  • Function Tracking-Seeing different indications, calls, or gauges to make sure an equipment is working appropriately.
  • Function and Manage-Handling functions of techniques or gear.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Executing maintenance that is routine on products and identifying when and what sort of servicing will become necessary.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding factors behind glitches that are functioning and selecting what direction to go about any of it.
  • Restoring-Restoring equipment or techniques utilising the needed methods.
  • Quality-Control Analysis-Executing testing and assessments of goods, empresas, or functions to gauge functionality or excellent.
  • View and Decision Making-Thinking about benefits and the general costs of measures that are probable to choose the one that is best suited.
  • Systems Analysis-Deciding how a method must operate and the way changes in situations, ja ar, and the atmosphere may affect benefits.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying steps or signals of performance and also relative to the targets of the system, the steps had a need to improve or appropriate effectiveness.
  • Timemanagement-Controlling oneis personal occasion.
  • Management of Savings-Deciding how money is likely to be expended to acquire the job performed, and sales regarding these fees.
  • Operations of Substance Methods-Seeing and finding to the suitable utilization of establishments, ya ar engranaje, and materials needed to do specific function.
  • Supervision of Workers Resources-Establishing encouraging, and leading persons because they they operate, pinpointing the best people for the occupation.
Calificación formación 'Medi da mfeni
  • High School Level (or GED or Senior High School Equivalence Certificates)
  • Many School Training
  • Ninguno
Job Management Skills Prerequisite
  • AccomplishmentANDWork – 88.24%
  • Tenacidad – 79.81%
  • Motivación – 88.12%
  • Liderazgo – 88.68%
  • Mfats'i – 89.30%
  • Materia pa ma 'ra – 83.92%
  • Social Orientation – 77.94%
  • Autocontrol – 83.98%
  • Pressure Threshold – 88.00%
  • Customization/Mobility – 93.64%
  • Confiabilidad – 89.34%
  • Attention to Depth – 97.59%
  • Honesty – 89.16%
  • Freedom – 96.00%
  • Creatividad – 88.04%
  • Pensamiento – 93.95%

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