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Account clerk Job Description Sample

Functieomschrijving / Rollen / Rechten en verantwoordelijkheden Sample

  • Prepares and maintains complete payroll and personnel records for a County agency
  • Acts as liaison between agency personnel and other agencies regarding payroll administration responds to and resolves problems regarding the same
  • Reviews checks and recomputes calculations for accuracy and completeness
  • Audits daily weekly monthly totals for accounts
  • Makes routine computations based on established rates and formulas and handles routine taxpayer inquiries as needed
  • Enters and retrieves information using data entry devices and performs word processing functions relative to the skill level necessary to perform the duties listed above
  • Reviewed and data entered time records for weekly bi-weekly or monthly payroll for at least xxx no. of employees
  • Reviewed and data entered time records for weekly bi-weekly or monthly payroll for at least fifty XX employees
  • Positions in this classification handle very sensitive and confidential information
  • Calculates and prepares checks for payments of invoices utilities taxes and other payments through the use of ledgers journals and or computers classifies records and summarizes higher level numerical and data to compile and keep records
  • Calculates prepares and issues bills invoices account statements and other statements according to established procedures
  • Complies with organizational Federal and state policies procedures and regulations related to accounting and taxes and fees levied by the City
  • Performs financial calculations such as amounts due interest charges balances and discounts
  • Prepares bank deposits by compiling data from cashiers verifying and balancing receipts and sending cash checks or other forms of payments to banks
  • Verifies subsidiary record postings from online transactions
  • Receives records and banks cash checks and vouchers
  • Interacts with other departments to ensure appropriate billing of utility services to customers
  • Analyzes and resolves complex billing issues
  • Analyzes and resolves daily meter reading edit issues
  • Reviews the processing of utility billings purchase orders payment vouchers and expenditure authorizations and payroll for accuracy and compliance with organizational policies and procedures
  • Establishes and maintains vendor and department records
  • Works with customers and vendors to calculate late fees and penalties and make adjustments to customer accounts to correct billing errors
  • Prepares and maintains inventory materials and property accounting and tracking records

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