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Npib, Nce, Thiab muaj kev lom zem tshuab Servicers thiab Repairers cov hauj lwm hauj lwm / Tus qauv dej num thiab cov hauj lwm

Services, mount, restore cash, snack, or amusement machines including video games, juke boxes or slot machines, or adjust. Career Skills Requirement Fill machines using substances, products, funds, as well as other materials. Maintain records of items allocated and dollars collected. Obtain cash and expenses from products, prepare accounts, and reconcile

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Community Launch aircraft thiab rov ua hauj lwm neeg ua hauj lwm txoj hauj lwm hauj lwm / Template lub luag hauj lwm thiab kawm

Run and continue maintaining arresting products, catapults, and associated physical, hydraulic, and control-systems required primarily in airplane company takeoff and landing functions. Duties include adding and sustaining image landing assists; testing and preserving start and recuperation equipment employing electric and mechanical examination gear and hand tools; initiating airfield arresting systems, …

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Technologists Magnetic Resonance ntsuam xyuas cov hauj lwm hauj lwm / Luag coj mus kuaj thiab tso cai

Operate Resonance Imaging (MRI) pictures. Monitor patient security and comfort . Might render gadolinium contrast dosage intravenously. On reviewing stand MRI methods are, explained by may interview individual, and location patient. May enter the computer data such as patient heritage, alignment specified, biological region to become scanned, and location of

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Cov neeg muag, Nyiaj txiag kev pab nrhiav hauj lwm hauj lwm / Raws li cov qauv thiab tso cai

Promote financial-services, such as for instance mortgage, levy, and investments guidance to consumers of banking institutions and company businesses. Career Skills Prerequisite Decide shoppersA financial services needs and prepare recommendations to offer providers that target these requirements. Contact potential customers to provide facts and describe solutions that are offered. Sell

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Tsiaj tiv thaiv cov neeg ua hauj lwm tau hauj lwm / Template txib thiab nws qhov kev siv

Manage animals with the aim of handle of discontinued, pets that are unsafe, or unattended, or inspections of mistreatment. Career Skills Prerequisite Investigate reports of pet strikes or pet cruelty, finding witnesses, amassing evidence, and producing reports. Record and remove stray, unrestrained, or mistreated animals from conditions that are undesirable, …

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