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Maintenance And Repair Workers, सामान्य कामाचे वर्णन / शुल्क साचा आणि भूमिका

Execute work relating to the expertise of art professions or a couple of servicing to keep perhaps the design of an institution in repair, equipment that is hardware, or models. Duties may involve pipe fitting; boiler making; insulating; welding; machining; carpentry; restoring power or mechanical equipment; installing, aiming, and managing fresh equipment; and restoring complexes, मजले, or stairways.

करिअर कौशल्य पूर्वापेक्षित
  • बांधकाम, माउंट, or fix wiring, electrical or automated parts, pipe programs, नळ, मशीन, किंवा साधने.
  • Spot physical issues and ascertain how-to accurate them, components magazines, fix books, or examining blueprints, as vital.
  • परीक्षण, सुरू, or exam devices or equipment to detect unit failures.
  • Expense and history variety of servicing or repair work.
  • Cleanse shafts, bearings, आयटम.
  • Program and layout fix function, employing diagrams, sketches, डिझाइन, maintenance guides.
  • Regulate purposeful elements of devices or handle instruments, हात साधने अर्ज, पातळी, plumb bobs, or straightedges.
  • Paint or restore attics, woodwork floors, विंडो, plaster, drywall, or other areas of creating buildings.
  • Function reducing devices or torches join or to lower metal elements.
  • Dismantle models, साधने, or units employing give tools, cranes, hoists, or power tools to gain access to and eliminate faulty pieces.
  • Perform routine preservation, such as for instance performing different preventive maintenance steps, verifying fluid levels, swapping filters, or checking straps, motors, or pushes.
  • Gear restore models, or constructions components, employing methods such as for example detail measuring tools or automated or electric assessment units such as for instance hammers saws, exercises or equipment.
  • Machines or restore or maintain specialized products located in laundries, रुग्णालये, outlets, कार्यालये, or producers.
  • Buy areas, आयटम, or devices from magazines or companies.
  • Execute standard cleaning jobs of homes or buildings.
  • Arrange and harmony new gear after installation.
  • Check used parts to ascertain improvements in requirements that were perspective, employing rules, गोलाकार वस्तूंचा आतील व बाहेरील व्यास मोजण्याचा वाकड्या टोकाचा कंपास, micrometers.
  • Setup and run appliance tools to fix or fabricate fittings, lures, appliance components, किंवा संसाधने.
  • Restore or fabricate tables, benches, विभाजन, or other timber components, including sheds.
  • Set packet retain or to correct archways, पृष्ठभाग, घरे, or additional structures.
  • Reseat and work valves, using valve-farming devices.
  • Assemble boilers at installing sites, employing tools such as for example hammers bobs, degrees, दिवे, or other hand equipment.
  • Mount tools to enhance the operational or energy effectiveness of industrial or residential buildings.
  • Perform routine upkeep including reinvigorating structural disadvantages to make certain maximum furnace performance, adding replacement parts, or updating tubes or writers.
  • Location, संलग्न, or setback insulation materials to avoid electricity cutbacks from from plumbing properties, or different structures or materials objects.
  • Make sure address water-supply.
  • Prepare or control subcontractors or maintenance staff.
  • Offer groundskeeping providers, such as snow or gardening treatment.
  • Calculate prices to correct devices, गियर, or creating constructions.
  • Layout new equipment to assist in upkeep or the repair of products, mechanical gear, or making components.

कार्य क्रिया आवश्यकता
  • Reading Knowledge-Knowing prepared paragraphs and sentences in work paperwork that are related.
  • Active Listening-To what other people say presenting full attention,, acquiring time for you to understand the points being made, योग्य म्हणून आश्चर्य प्रश्न, and not stifling at incorrect moments.
  • Publishing-On paper as right for the requirements of the market communicating effectively,.
  • Chatting-Talking to others to mention data properly.
  • Mathematics-Utilizing maths to solve issues.
  • Research-Using methods and medical policies to resolve issues.
  • Critical-Thinking-Utilizing logic and reasons to identify the advantages and flaws of approaches, निष्कर्ष किंवा द्विधा मन: पर्यायी उपाय.
  • Active Learning-Knowing the significance of fresh information regarding each future and present problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Methods-Using and selecting instructionANDtutorial practices and techniques befitting the specific situation educating or when understanding fresh issues.
  • Tracking-MonitoringANDDetermining performance of additional individuals, तू स्वतः, or organizations consider remedial actions or to create developments.
  • सामाजिक Perceptiveness-जात इतरांच्या नकळत नाही’ tendencies why they react as they do and comprehending.
  • Coordination-Modifying actions in terms of othersI actions.
  • Salesmanship-Genuine others to improve their minds or behaviour.
  • Discussion-Bringing others collectively and wanting to reconcile variations.
  • शिक्षण-प्रशिक्षण कसे काहीतरी इतरांना.
  • Company Orientation-Definitely trying to find approaches to aid folks.
  • Advanced Problem-Solving-Identifying complicated dilemmas and critiquing relevant data apply solutions and examine and to produce choices.
  • Businesses Analysis-Inspecting wants and merchandise specifications to produce a style.
  • Technology Design-Making or changing equipment and technology to assist user desires.
  • Tools Selection-Determining the type of equipment and tools needed seriously to execute a work.
  • प्रतिष्ठापन-जमा करणे संकुल, मशीन, वायरिंग, or gear to meet specs.
  • Programming-Publishing computer applications regarding applications that are various.
  • Function Tracking-Viewing calls, मुल्यांकन, or additional signals to ensure there is a device performing properly.
  • Procedure and Manage-Controlling operations of gear or programs.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Accomplishing routine upkeep on products and identifying when and what kind of upkeep becomes necessary.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining reasons for errors that are operating and selecting how to proceed about this.
  • Restoring-Fixing methods or machines utilizing the tools that are essential.
  • Quality-Control Evaluation-Executing inspections and tests of products, कंपन्या, or processes to evaluate quality or efficiency.
  • Ruling and Decisionmaking-Taking into consideration the relative expenses and advantages of steps that are potential to choose the best suited one.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining how a program should function and just how changes in situations, व्यवसाय, and the atmosphere may impact outcomes.
  • Methods Analysis-Determining actions or indications of system performance and in accordance with the goals of the system, accurate or the measures needed to increase effectiveness.
  • इतर वेळ व्यवस्थापन-नियंत्रण’ time as well as oneis own time.
  • Administration of Financial Resources-Identifying how funds is going to be expended to have the task accomplished, आणि हिशेब ठेवण्याची या बिले संबंधित.
  • Operations of Product Resources-Receiving and experiencing towards the ideal usage of devices, सुविधा, and resources needed to do specific work.
  • Management of Personnel Resources-Building motivating, and directing folks as they they perform, identifying the most effective folks for your occupation.
शिक्षण आवश्यकता ज्ञान आवश्यकता
  • हायस्कूल पातळी (किंवा GED किंवा वरिष्ठ हायस्कूल समतोलपणा प्रमाणपत्रे)
  • एक शीर्ष शाळा डिप्लोमा पेक्षा लक्षणीय कमी
  • चेंडू 1 वर्ष, वर्ष दोन समावेश सुमारे
नोकरी आदेश कौशल्य आवश्यकता
  • AccomplishmentANDEnergy – 93.13%
  • चिकाटी – 89.90%
  • प्रयत्न – 91.60%
  • आदेश – 88.22%
  • सहकार – 94.92%
  • इतर प्रकरणाची – 93.47%
  • सांस्कृतिक ओरिएन्टेशन – 91.16%
  • स्वत: नियंत्रण – 94.59%
  • प्रेशर थ्रेशोल्ड – 91.25%
  • पसंतीचा / अष्टपैलुत्व – 93.54%
  • विश्वसनीयता – 91.98%
  • तपशील लक्ष केंद्रित – 92.96%
  • शक्ती – 91.11%
  • लिबर्टी – 95.50%
  • विकास – 92.89%
  • विश्लेषणात्मक विचार – 94.75%

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