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Parts Salespersons Job Description / Funkcijos ir pareiga Šablono

Market sacrifice and replacement areas and tools in parts or repair shop keep.

Darbo įgūdžiai kvalifikacija
  • Read catalogs, microfiche readers, or computer features to ascertain substitution portion inventory amounts and costs.
  • Decide replacing parts required, according to investigations of old components, buyer asks, or clientsdescriptions of failures.
  • Obtain and populate phone requests regarding pieces.
  • Prepare sales moves or sales deals.
  • Acquire repayment or get credit authorization.
  • Suggest consumers on modification or substitution of parts when identical substitutions aren’t offered.
  • Examine delivered pieces regarding problems, and change faulty parts or reimbursement dollars.
  • Indicate and retailer parts in stockrooms according-to pre-arranged techniques.
  • Discuss utilize and features of various parts, depending on knowledge of products or devices.
  • Location fresh goods on display.
  • Populate customer purchases from stock and spot orders when inquired things are rented out already.
  • Assist customers, such as for example modernizing these about back and answering customer issues -ordered areas.
  • Locate and tag parts and keep maintaining products of investment.
  • Get and produce elements.
  • Retain and cleanse products and operate regions.
  • Control shipments by studying delivery fees or practices and monitoring bundles.
  • Display equipment to shoppers and explain working of gear.
  • Measure parts, applying precision measuring tools, to find out whether parts that are similar might be produced to styles that are necessary.
  • Fix areas or tools.

Darbas žingnis kvalifikacija
  • Reading Knowledge-Understanding composed paragraphs and paragraphs in work documents that are related.
  • Active Listening-To what others assert presenting total attention,, using time and energy to recognize the factors being built, įdomu, klausimai, kaip tinkama, and never interrupting at situations that are wrong.
  • Writing-Written down as appropriate for the requirements of the market communicating efficiently,.
  • Communicating-Talking to others to share facts properly.
  • Matematika-Naudojant aritmetiką, kad išspręstų problemas.
  • Technology-Utilizing solutions and clinical regulations to fix problems.
  • Critical Thinking-Applying logic and thinking to spot the talents and disadvantages of ways, conclusions or substitute alternatives to dilemmas.
  • Active-Learning-Comprehending fresh information’s implications regarding each potential and existing problem solving and decisionmaking.
  • Learning Strategies-Picking and applying teachingPERtutorial approaches and treatments right for the specific situation when mastering or educating fresh factors.
  • Tracking-CheckingPERDiscovering functionality of corporations, Papildomos asmenys, ar save gaminti patobulinimų arba apsvarstyti taisomųjų veiksmų.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being not unaware of othersA responses and understanding while they do why they respond.
  • Valdymo keitimas veiksmus atsižvelgiant į othersI priemonės.
  • Marketing-Effective others to change conduct or their minds.
  • Arbitration-Providing others collectively and looking to reconcile variances.
  • Instruktažas-mokyti kitus HOWTO padaryti ėjimą.
  • Įmonės orientation-aktyviai ieško strategijas, kurios leistų žmonėms.
  • Advanced Problemsolving-Determining complex dilemmas and researching associated info implement answers and consider and to develop choices.
  • Operations Evaluation-Studying wants and merchandise prerequisites to make a design.
  • Technology Design-Engineering to provide individual and aligning gear or creating requires.
  • Tools Selection-Identifying tools and equipment’s type had a need to execute a task.
  • Montavimo-montavimas programos, mašinos, laidai, ar įrangos, paprastai atitinka reikalavimus.
  • Programavimas leidybos kompiuterių paraiškas dėl priežasčių, kurios skiriasi.
  • Operation Tracking-Viewing other symptoms, skambučiai, or assessments to be sure there is an equipment working appropriately.
  • Operation and Control-Handling operations of techniques or tools.
  • Maintenance-Executing routine maintenance on devices and determining when and what kind of upkeep is needed.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying reasons for operating glitches and determining how to proceed about any of it.
  • Repairing-Mending equipment or techniques utilising the needed equipment.
  • Quality-Control Research-Executing investigations and assessments of goods, teikėjai, arba procesai, siekiant įvertinti efektyvumą ar kokybę.
  • Judgment and Decisionmaking-Thinking about benefits and the comparable fees of measures that are probable to choose the one that is most appropriate.
  • Sistemų analizė, sprendžiant būdas koreguoti nustatymą, įmonės, and also problems may affect benefits and what sort of program should operate.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining actions or signs of system performance as well as correct or the actions needed seriously to increase efficiency, pagal prietaiso tikslų.
  • Timemanagement-Managing the own time and the time of others of one.
  • Operations of Savings-Identifying how money is going to be spent to get the work performed, ir pardavimai dėl šių sąskaitų.
  • Operations of Material Means-Obtaining and viewing for the correct usage of products, patogumai, ir medžiagos turėjo poreikį padaryti tam tikrą veiklą.
  • Administration of Personnel Resources-Directing persons while they, pastatas, ir įkvepiantis veikti, identifying the very best individuals for your occupation.
mokymo reikalavimas Reikalaujama patirtis
  • Vyresnysis Mokykla diplomas (arba Ged ar vidurinės mokyklos lygiavertiškumas Dokumento)
  • Filialo lygis (or different 2-year degree)
  • per 2 metų, kiek įskaitant ketverius metus
Work Management Skills Qualification
  • Visiškas / Energija – 93.77%
  • atkaklumas – 92.71%
  • Pastangos – 90.24%
  • Kontrolė – 84.29%
  • pagalba – 94.95%
  • Problema Kita – 94.00%
  • kultūros Orientacijos – 86.36%
  • Savikontrolė – 92.65%
  • stresas Tolerancija – 91.94%
  • AdaptabilityANDFreedom – 93.60%
  • patikimumas – 97.20%
  • Suvokimas aspektu – 95.95%
  • sąžiningumas – 92.45%
  • Laisvė – 90.33%
  • Pažanga – 78.52%
  • mąstymas – 87.35%

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