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Actors Job Description / Užduotys ir pareiga pavyzdys

Enjoy areas in movie shows, television, radijo, movie, point, or other options regarding facts, leisure, or instruction. Translate position that is serious or comedian to charm by action, and dialog, touch or inform audience. May party and sing.

Darbo įgūdžių poreikis
  • Practice and examine tasks from programs to interpret, discover and memorize traces, tricks, and tips as directed.
  • Perform carefully with personalities that are other, savininkai, and playwrights to obtain the decryption best suited for the part.
  • Learn about their connections to each other as well as personas in programs to develop part interpretations.
  • Collaborate with additional actors within an attire.
  • Perform hilarious and serious understandings of feelings, žingsniai, and circumstances, employing body movements, facial expression, and signals.
  • Throwing and attend auditions calls to audition regarding tasks.
  • Express and interpret tasks, employing body activities and speech, to captivate, notify, or teach stay audiences, movie, televizija, or radio.
  • Assist different crewmembers responsible for illumination, kostiumai, make up , and props.
  • Play or boogie during dramatic or comedy routines.
  • Examine from ebooks or texts even to advise or entertain or to narrate action viewers, using several or zero level props.
  • Advertise shows applying signifies such as for example interviews about movies or represents.
  • Publish used or first content for puppet exhibits, comedies, dramas or different activities.
  • Prepare and accomplish activity stunts for television, movie, or period productions.
  • Inform jokes, conduct tunes amusing dances and skits actions and comments of others, contort encounter encounter, and utilize other-devices to amuse people.
  • Expose activities and artists to promote enthusiasm and synchronize clean changeover of operates during activities.
  • Manipulate strings, laidai, atramos, or fingertips to animate puppets in synchronization with noted plans, singing, or speaking.
  • Clothe themselves in cosmetics and funny clown outfits, and perform funny exercises to entertain readers.
  • Execute authentic and stock hints including market customers as players, periodically of illusion to mystify and charm audiences.
  • Utilizing models and hand tools.

Job Pursuits Qualification
  • Reading Knowledge-Comprehension lines and created sentences in work documents that are related.
  • Active Listening-Providing full attention to what other folks are currently saying, taking time to realize the things being made, pageidaujantys klausimai kaip tinkama, and not mesmerizing at wrong instances.
  • Publishing-On paper as appropriate for the requirements of the viewers communicating successfully.
  • Communicating-Talking-to others to share information effortlessly.
  • Math-Using arithmetic to fix issues.
  • Science-Employing technological principles and solutions to solve problems.
  • Criticalthinking-Employing reason and reasoning to recognize the talents and disadvantages of substitute solutions, rezultatai ar metodai bėdų.
  • Active Learning-Understanding the implications of new facts regarding each latest and upcoming problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Strategies-Using and selecting educationANDeducational approaches and techniques befitting the situation when learning or instructing issues that are new.
  • Monitoring-CheckingPEREvaluating performance of yourself, asmenys, kurie yra skirtingi, or businesses to make improvements or take remedial steps.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Knowing othersI reactions and comprehending while they do why they respond.
  • Dexterity-Altering actions in relation to othersI steps.
  • Salesmanship-Convincing others to change their heads or actions.
  • Tarpininkavimas-Ieškinio kitus kartu ir nori suderinti skirtumus.
  • Pagalba-Coaching kiti HOWTO padaryti ėjimą.
  • Services Orientation-Positively searching for strategies to help individuals.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Determining complex difficulties and reviewing related info to build up and evaluate choices and implement remedies.
  • Operations Research-Inspecting needs and item requirements to make a design.
  • Technology Design-Engineering to provide person and changing products or producing requirements.
  • Įrankiai atranka-Sprendimas įrangos rūšiuoti ir įrankiai turėjo poreikį vykdyti užduotį.
  • Įdiegti įdiegti įrangą, modeliai, laidai, ar programas paprastai susitikti funkcijų.
  • Encoding-Writing computer packages regarding applications that are various.
  • Funkciniai sekimo-Watching vertinimai, skambučiai, or other signals to ensure there is a device currently working correctly.
  • Function and Manage-Controlling procedures of programs or gear.
  • Maintenance-Accomplishing maintenance that is routine on tools and determining when and what sort of preservation will become necessary.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining reasons for glitches that are managing and selecting how to proceed about it.
  • Repairing-Restoring devices or models using the needed resources.
  • Quality Control Evaluation-Executing investigations and exams of goods, sprendimai, arba funkcijos, siekiant įvertinti puikiai arba funkcionalumas.
  • Judgment and Decision Making-Considering the comparative prices and benefits of steps that are probable to choose the most appropriate one.
  • Systems Analysis-Deciding how improvements in the surroundings, procedūros, and problems will affect outcomes and how a program must operate.
  • Systems Evaluation-Distinguishing steps or indicators of performance and also in accordance with the aims of the device right or the steps needed seriously to strengthen performance.
  • Timemanagement-Handling the private moment along with others’ laikotarpis vieną.
  • Operations of Money-Deciding how cash will be invested to obtain the task done, ir buhalterinės apie šias išlaidas.
  • Supervision of Product Sources-Experiencing and receiving for the proper usage of services, įrenginiai, and products needed to do specific operate.
  • Supervision of Staff Resources-Acquiring stimulating, and aiming persons because they they work, distinguishing the top people for that task.
švietimo reikalavimas Patirtis Reikia
  • Mažiau nei aukštojo mokslo laipsnį
  • Daugelis neuniversitetinių studijų programų
  • Bakalauro laipsnis
  • Nė vienas
Pareigos Vadovavimas įgūdžių poreikis
  • AccomplishmentORWork – 92.67%
  • atkaklumas – 95.07%
  • Motyvacija – 93.17%
  • komanda – 87.08%
  • pagalba – 93.60%
  • Klausimas Kiti – 92.68%
  • kultūros padėties – 93.13%
  • Savikontrolė – 92.24%
  • slėgio Tolerancija – 93.20%
  • Prisitaikymas / Lankstumas – 95.78%
  • nuoseklumas – 96.20%
  • Dėmesys Gylis – 94.14%
  • sąžiningumas – 87.84%
  • nepriklausomumas – 92.52%
  • išradimas – 89.31%
  • Analitinis mąstymas – 81.94%

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