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Hearing Aid Specialists Job Description / タスクと義務サンプル

Fit hearing and select aids for clients. Provide and interpret exams of experiencing. Evaluate reading tool efficacy. Take headsets perceptions and prepare, レイアウト, and change hearing shapes.

  • Dispense and pick testing to judge connected or experiencing ailments.
  • Provide basic experiencing tests including bone conduction, air conduction, or audiometry tests.
  • Teach consumers to make use of augmentative communication gadgets that are other or hearingaids.
  • Build or modify impressions regarding hearing-aid shells and earmolds.
  • Maintain or fix hearing transmission gadgets that are different or aids.
  • Illustrate assistive listening units (ALDs) to purchasers.
  • Execute essential screening procedures such as for example otoacoustic screening, pure-tone screening, immittance screening of ear-canal position employing otoscope.
  • Study literature that is existing, consult with colleagues, and participate in conferences or expert organizations to keep informed of innovations in audiology.
  • Analyze and handle connected or reading problems beneath an audiologist’s direction.
  • In executing aural methods for example electronystagmography, speech audiometry authentic ear measurements, and cochlear implant mapping guide audiologists.

  • Reading Comprehension-Knowledge lines and prepared content in work papers that are related.
  • Active Listening-To what others say providing whole attention,, 製造されたアイテムを実現する時間を有します, 適したような質問を要求, and not stifling at situations that are incorrect.
  • Publishing-In writing as appropriate for the requirements of the crowd interacting effectively.
  • Communicating-Talking-to others to convey data successfully.
  • 問題を修正するための数学、数学採用.
  • Technology-Using scientific rules and methods to resolve difficulties.
  • Critical Thinking-Using reason and thinking to recognize flaws and the skills of ways, results or alternative options to dilemmas.
  • Active Learning-Knowing fresh information’s ramifications regarding both future and recent problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Methods-Using and picking educationORtutorial practices and methods befitting the problem instructing or when understanding fresh items.
  • Tracking-MonitoringORDiscovering functionality of other folks, 自分, or businesses to produce advancements or take remedial action.
  • 社会Perceptiveness-知る他人’ reactions and comprehending because they do why they respond.
  • 他人との関係でアクションを敏捷調整’ ステップ.
  • Salesmanship-Effective others to alter their heads or behaviour.
  • 調停-撮影総称して他の人をと分散を調整したいです.
  • 動きを作るためにどのようにトレーニング、教育他.
  • Company Orientation-Actively looking for approaches to enable individuals.
  • Advanced Problem-Solving-Determining advanced issues and critiquing info that is related implement answers and consider and to build up options.
  • Operations Research-Analyzing merchandise needs and requirements to produce a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Building or aligning products and technology to function user needs.
  • Gear Selection-Deciding the sort of tools and equipment needed to do a job.
  • 割賦、追加の計画, デバイス, 配線, or tools to meet up specifications.
  • Coding-Producing computer applications for various applications.
  • Function Tracking-Viewing different signals, ノブ, or indicators to ensure a machine is working effectively.
  • Operation and Control-Managing functions of gear or programs.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Doing upkeep that is routine on equipment and determining when.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding reasons for operating mistakes and selecting what direction to go about it.
  • Restoring-Mending products or methods using the essential resources.
  • 品質管理の評価や商品の検査を研究、完了, サービス, or procedures to evaluate excellent or functionality.
  • Judgment and Decision Making-Considering benefits and the relative expenses of behavior that are potential to choose the one that is most suitable.
  • Analysis-Deciding what sort of system must operate and just how improvements in ailments, 関数, 結果に影響を与えることができる環境に伴い.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying actions or signs of system performance along with relative to the goals of the device, the behavior needed seriously to enhance or appropriate functionality.
  • 時間管理、管理oneisプライベートな時間.
  • Supervision of Money-Identifying how money is likely to be spent to acquire the work performed, そしてこれらの法案に関する会計処理.
  • Administration of Substance Resources-Obtaining and experiencing to the ideal use of establishments, プロダクト, 製品が動作指定くださいする必要性を持っていました.
  • Management of Workers Resources-Encouraging, 確立, and pointing individuals while they function, determining the most effective individuals for that occupation.
教育要件 経験の要件
  • 学士号
  • アソシエイトのステージ (または他の2年ステージ)
  • 高校の卒業証書 (GEDや高校または同等の証明書)
  • オーバー 6 週間, as much as 1-year and including
Job Control Skills Prerequisite
  • AccomplishmentOREnergy – 78.65%
  • 執念 – 94.00%
  • イニシアチブ – 88.37%
  • 権限 – 86.48%
  • 援助 – 87.14%
  • その他の懸念 – 94.60%
  • 社会的なポジショニング – 74.95%
  • 自制心 – 93.01%
  • ストレスしきい値 – 91.85%
  • CustomizationORVersatility – 92.08%
  • 確実 – 98.00%
  • 深さに焦点を当てます – 95.60%
  • 正直 – 99.00%
  • 自由 – 91.26%
  • 創造性 – 82.70%
  • 分析的思考 – 84.52%



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