Heim / Óflokkað (síðu 7)


Sérkennarar, Leikskólar Atvinna Lýsing / Ábyrgð Snið og verkefni

Show university subjects that are pre-school to handicapped students and educationally. Contains teachers who focus and use audibly and successfully disabled pupils and those who train standard academic and existence functions abilities for the psychologically disadvantaged. Job Skills Need Organize space that is indoor or outdoor to help innovative enjoy, …

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Stonemasons Job Description / Skylda Snið og verkefni

Develop gemstone buildings, such as for instance piers, skipting, and abutments. Set strolls, particular forms of masonry for vats, tanks, and flooring, or curbstones. Job Skills Qualification Layout footings or walls styles, applying rule straight-edge, or attached wrinkles outlines. ástand, draga úr, experience and slice stone or pebble preparatory to placing, …

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Acute Care Nurses Job Description / Skylda Snið og virka

Present advanced medical care using acute situations such as for example heart problems, breathing distress syndrome, or jolt for individuals. Might look after pre- and post-operative sufferers that are or conduct treatment processes or sophisticated, invasive diagnostic. Career Skills Requirement Spot persistent or serious conditions that may result in life-threatening

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Ophthalmologists Job Description / Ábyrgð Snið og virka

greina, meðhöndla, and help alleviate problems with disorders and injuries of constructions that are linked and the eyes. Job Skills Requirement Provide consultation that is ophthalmic to additional medical experts. Refer clients for more particular remedies when problems surpass practice of practitioner’s ability, þekkingu, or range. Interns that are advise

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Húðsjúkdómafræðingur Atvinna Lýsing / Ábyrgð Snið og hlutverk

greina, meðhöndla, og aðstoða við að koma í veg fyrir mismunandi kvillum af húð eða kvillum. Job Skills Need Relate clients to other professionals, asneeded. Upptaka einstaklingar’ sjúkraskrár. Gefa mat sem er á húð við önnur lyf vísindamenn. Lesa rit sem er núverandi, samráð við kunningja, and take part in conventions or qualified corporations

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