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Naturopathic Physicians Job Description / Ibu Ọrụ Template Na aga-eme

Chọpụta, aka, and assist in preventing diseases utilizing a method of exercise that is in line with the pure healing capability of an individual. May use physical, mental or physical approaches. May also utilize pure treatments, star or prescription medication, oriri, herbs, or additional natural remedies.

Job Nkà iru eru
  • Conduct mobilizations and high velocity corrections to cells that are delicate or joints, utilizing rules of rub, stretching, or weight.
  • Preserve expert improvement through pursuits for example post graduate education, continuing education and plans that are residency.
  • Order analytical imaging procedures such as for example radiographs (x ụzarị), ultrasounds, mammograms, and bone densitometry assessments, or send people to different health professionals regarding these procedures.
  • For example homeopathy or therapies, enye agwọ ọrịa Asian ma ọ bụ Ayurvedic ịgba akwụkwọ, diathermy na electrotherapy , ọrụ ezigbo mmadụ tinyere ikuku, na-ekpo ọkụ, chilly, mmiri ma ọ bụ ultraviolet ọkụ ka catalyze ahụ mmadụ na-emeso onwe ya na.
  • nye, kesaa, ma ọ bụ nwere ike ikwu na organic ọgwụ tinyere dietary Mmeju, herbs, oriri ma ọ bụ botanical Efrata , vitamin, nutraceuticals , na amino-asịd.
  • Carryout ahụ ule na anụ ahụ na nzube nnwale maka analytic ojiji.
  • Interview ndị mmadụ na-na-akọ na-egosi na ahụ ike iche.
  • Agwa ahịa banyere ahụike ochichi.
  • Guide people about natural drugs and beneficial exercise regimens.
  • Diagnose health conditions predicated on individualsI symptoms and health histories, clinical and diagnostic radiology examination outcomes, or additional biological size, for example electrocardiograms.
  • Perform venipuncture or skin pricking to get blood samples.
  • Recommend manufactured medicines beneath the guidance of medical doctors or within the considerations of regulating body.
  • Record peoplehistories, including identifying information, main complaints, ọrịa, prior healthcare or family histories, or characteristics.
  • Consult with medical researchers that are additional to provide optimal patient-care, mentioning people to standard health care professionals as essential.
  • Observe improvements from public health businesses to keep abreast of health traits.
  • Conduct periodic public health servicing actions such as tests and immunizations for diseases and infection risk components.
  • Receive medical files from preceding doctors or additional healthcare services with the objective of patient analysis.
  • Address abrasions, small cuts, or contusions.
  • Conduct minimal surgical procedures, such as for example eliminating warts, cysts, or moles, trying tissues regarding skin cancer or lipomas, and implementing or removing sutures.
  • Document designs of peoplehealth problems, for example illness status and births, to public health agencies.

Occupation Routines Prerequisite
  • Reading Comprehension-Knowing paragraphs and created paragraphs in work-related papers.
  • Active-Listening-To what other-people are saying offering entire attention,, eji oge na ume ịghọta ihe e kere, ịjụ ajụjụ dị ka ziri ezi, na mgbe igbochi anyị na-ezighị ezi ụfọdụ.
  • Creating-On paper not as inappropriate for the needs of the market communicating efficiently,.
  • Ekwurịta okwu-Ịgwa ndị banyere eziokwu effortlessly.
  • Arithmetic-Utilizing maths to fix problems.
  • Science-Employing techniques and controlled guidelines to fix difficulties.
  • Critical Thinking-Utilizing logic and reasons to spot the benefits and disadvantages of alternative options, ideas or ways to troubles.
  • Active-Learning-Comprehending the effects of fresh info regarding both future and latest problem solving and decision making.
  • Learning Methods-Applying and picking coachingPERtutorial methods and techniques right for the specific situation educating or when understanding fresh factors.
  • Monitoring-CheckingOREvaluating performance of yourself, ndị mmadụ n'otu n'otu na ndị ọzọ, or corporations consider remedial actions or to make advancements.
  • Social Perceptiveness-Being not unaware of othersA tendencies as they do why they respond and knowledge.
  • Control-Agbanwe omume na ekele ndị ọzọ’ eme.
  • Persuasion-Persuading others to improve their heads or behaviour.
  • Arbitration-Bringing others jointly and looking to reconcile variances.
  • Training-Coaching others how to take action.
  • Company Orientation-Positively seeking ways to aid folks.
  • Complex Problem Solving-Distinguishing intricate troubles and reviewing info that is connected assess and to develop selections and implement options.
  • Procedures Research-Studying wants and item demands to create a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Changing products or producing and technologies to assist consumer wants.
  • Equipment Selection-Identifying the kind of tools and equipment needed to perform a task.
  • Installation-Installing packages, ngwaahịa, wiring, or tools to meet up specifications.
  • Coding-Composing computer packages regarding numerous uses.
  • Operation Tracking-Viewing dials indicators, or other indications indicators to be sure there is a machine working effectively.
  • Procedure and Handle-Handling operations of techniques or tools.
  • Maintenance-Executing upkeep that is routine on products and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining causes of blunders that are running and determining how to proceed about any of it.
  • Restoring-Restoring machines or techniques utilizing the essential methods.
  • Quality-Control Research-Ndikụre-achọpụtazi na ule nke ngwaahịa, ụlọ ọrụ, ma ọ bụ na ọrụ na-ekpe ikpe irè ma ọ bụ àgwà.
  • Ikpe na mkpebi-Iche echiche banyere comparative ahịa na uru nke kwesiri omume na-ahọrọ onye na-kacha adabara.
  • Systems Analysis-Ịmata ụdị Usoro kwesịrị ịrụ na otú mgbanwe arụmọrụ, ọrịa, tinyere ọnọdụ nwere ike na mmetụta ga esi.
  • Systems Evaluation-Ịmata jikoro ma ọ bụ ihe ịrịba ama nke usoro ịrụ ọrụ na ikwu na zaa nke igwe, jikoro mkpa iji welite ma ọ bụ ihe kwesịrị ekwesị irè.
  • Time-Management-Ijizi nwere oge dị ka nke ọma dị ka ndị ọzọ’ oge nke otu.
  • Supervision of Money-Ịmata otú dollars yiri ka a nọrọ na-nweta ọrụ emezu, na ahịa banyere ndị a ụgwọ.
  • Supervision nke Materials Sources-Inwe na na-na na ezigbo ojiji ngwaọrụ, iche, na ihe nwere na mkpa ime kpọmkwem ọrụ.
  • Supervision of Personnel Resources-emepe na-akpali akpali, ma na-eduzi folks ka ha ha na-arụ, ekpebi ihe ndị kasị mma mmadụ maka ọrụ ahụ.
ọzụzụ Iwu ahụmahụ Mkpa
  • doctoral Ọkwa
  • Post-doctoral Education
  • Karịrị 1 yr, upto 2 afọ na gụnyere,
Task Command Nkà Iwu
  • AccomplishmentOREnergy – %
  • ntachi obi – %
  • mgbalị – %
  • Management – %
  • Cooperation – %
  • Iche banyere Ndị ọzọ – %
  • Cultural Usoro – %
  • Njikpa onwe – %
  • Pressure fọrọ – %
  • CustomizationORMobility – %
  • ịtụkwasị – %
  • Mmata nke akụkụ – %
  • pụrụ ịdabere – %
  • Independence – %
  • ọganihu – %
  • na-eche echiche – %

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