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होम / अवर्गीकृत / Preventive Medicine Physicians Job Description / कार्य करता है और दायित्व नमूना

Preventive Medicine Physicians Job Description / कार्य करता है और दायित्व नमूना

Apply familiarity with basic preventive-medicine and public-health dilemmas to promote medical care to teams or people, and help with the deterrence or reduced total of risk of disease, चोटों, disability, or demise. Might apply populace- dependent medication or diagnose and treat individuals within medical wellness advertising and disease prevention’s context.

कैरियर कौशल पूर्वापेक्षा
  • Train or prepare staff that is healthcare regarding preventive medicine dilemmas.
  • Critique complete people or record I pasts with the emphasis on profession or environment dangers.
  • Make preventive health reports including option alternatives, examines, dilemma descriptions, and suggestions.
  • Supervise or synchronize the job of other skilled workers, नर्सों, statisticians, or doctors.
  • Supply presentations to put or qualified people.
  • Evaluate the usefulness of different interventions or recommended risk-reduction methods.
  • Establish communities at-risk regarding distinct preventable illnesses or traumas.
  • Use or design detective resources, including testing, research stories, and essential files, to recognize health threats.
  • Primary public health education applications coping with subjects such as for instance preventable disorders, चोटों, पोषण, food service sanitation, water supply security and waste-disposal and immunizations.
  • Perform epidemiological research of acute and serious illnesses.
  • Build or apply treatments to address behavioral factors behind conditions.
  • Immediate or manage reduction packages in specialty places including aerospace, occupational, disease that is infectious, and environmental medicine.
  • अंदाज, लागू, or consider wellness service delivery devices to improve the healthiness of precise communities.
  • Co-ordinate or combine the resources of public-safety workers, social-service organizations, health care institutions, or additional businesses to boost town wellness.
  • Supply details about possible interventions and probable health risks to the advertising, the public, other medical care experts, or local, express, and national health specialists.

कैरियर क्रियाएँ आवश्यकता
  • Reading Comprehension-Comprehension written content and lines in work-related paperwork.
  • Active-Listening-Giving entire awareness of what other folks are currently saying, आइटम को समझने के लिए समय हो रही है उत्पादन किया जा रहा, उचित रूप में पूछताछ प्रश्नों, rather than stifling at improper occasions.
  • Producing-On paper as befitting the needs of the audience conversing successfully.
  • Chatting-Talking-to others to convey data properly.
  • गणित गणित-का उपयोग करते हुए समस्याओं को ठीक करने.
  • Research-Applying technological policies and techniques to solve issues.
  • Criticalthinking-Utilizing logic and thinking to spot the strengths and flaws of ways, conclusions or alternate answers to issues.
  • Active Learning-Comprehending fresh information’s effects for both future and current problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Strategies-Employing and picking instruction/educational practices and procedures right for the situation when understanding or educating fresh points.
  • Monitoring-MonitoringORDiscovering functionality of yourself, व्यक्तियों है कि अतिरिक्त कर रहे हैं, या संगठनों सुधारात्मक कार्रवाई पर विचार या प्रगति उत्पन्न करने के लिए.
  • सामाजिक दूसरों के प्रति जागरूक सहजानुभूति-होने के नाते’ responses why they behave because they do and knowing.
  • Coordination-Modifying actions with regards to othersI behavior.
  • Marketing-Persuading others to alter their heads or behaviour.
  • Settlement-Getting others together and wanting to reconcile differences.
  • Teaching-Coaching others how exactly to take action.
  • Services Orientation-Actively searching for strategies to help persons.
  • Complex Problem-Solving-Determining intricate problems and reviewing associated facts implement answers and assess and to produce options.
  • Operations Research-Inspecting item needs and requires to create a design.
  • Technology Design-Establishing tools or building and technology to function individual needs.
  • Tools Selection-Deciding the type of equipment and tools needed seriously to perform a job.
  • Installation-Installing packages, मशीनों, तारों, या उपकरणों आम तौर पर पूरा करने के लिए चश्मा.
  • Development-Creating computer applications for various purposes.
  • संचालन की निगरानी-वाचिंग कॉल, विशेषताएं, or additional symptoms to make sure there is a device operating effectively.
  • उपकरणों या गियर के समारोह और नियंत्रण-नियंत्रण कार्यों.
  • Maintenance-Accomplishing routine servicing on gear and identifying when and what kind of maintenance will become necessary.
  • Troubleshooting-Deciding factors behind managing glitches and determining what direction to go about it.
  • Fixing-Repairing devices or products utilizing the essential equipment.
  • Quality Control Evaluation-Executing exams and assessments of goods, समाधान की, या तकनीक की गुणवत्ता या प्रभावशीलता का आकलन.
  • Ruling and Decision Making-Considering benefits and the comparable charges of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one.
  • Analysis-Deciding how a method should operate and how improvements in the setting, प्रक्रियाओं, along with situations may impact results.
  • Systems Analysis-Identifying measures or indicators of performance and also in accordance with the ambitions of the system, appropriate or the measures needed to enhance performance.
  • एक के अपने समय समय प्रबंधन-प्रबंध.
  • Administration of Savings-Determining how income will soon be used to obtain the task accomplished, और बिक्री इन खर्चों के बारे में.
  • Administration of Material Resources-Acquiring and seeing towards the appropriate usage of of features tools, and materials products needed to do specified function.
  • Supervision of Workers Resources-Pointing people because they, बनाना, और प्रोत्साहित करने के लिए प्रदर्शन, कार्य के लिए बहुत ही बेहतरीन लोगों pinpointing.
प्रशिक्षण योग्यता अनुभव की आवश्यकता
  • पोस्ट-डॉक्टरल प्रशिक्षण
  • डॉक्टरेट स्तर
  • ऊपर 2 वर्षों, चारों ओर और कई वर्षों सहित
नौकरी प्रबंधन कौशल की आवश्यकता
  • अचीवमेंट / ऊर्जा – %
  • हठ – %
  • प्रेरणा – %
  • आदेश – %
  • सहायता – %
  • दूसरों के लिए चिंता करना – %
  • सामाजिक पोजिशनिंग – %
  • आत्म - संयम – %
  • तनाव थ्रेसहोल्ड – %
  • अनुकूलन क्षमता / गतिशीलता – %
  • विश्वसनीयता – %
  • ब्योरे पर ग़ौर – %
  • आचार विचार – %
  • आजादी – %
  • उन्नति – %
  • विचारधारा – %

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