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Evidence Technician Job Description Sample

Evidence Technician Job Description Sample


The evidence technician job description involves collecting, receiving, examining, and storing of physical evidence or property, provided that it adheres to the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE).


  • This work involves the technical coordination and supervision of the processing of major crime scenes.
  • The Evidence Coordinator reviews the written reports sketches and other major crime scene documentation to insure its completeness and accuracy.
  • The Evidence Coordinator assists the Evidence Coordinator Leader with processing physical evidence for the Police Department.
  • The Evidence Coordinator insures that physical evidence is properly inventoried and that the chain-of-custody is maintained.
  • Work effectiveness and job performance is supervised by Evidence Coordinator Leader.
  • Monitors the identifying collecting marking packaging and processing of all accident and crime scene evidence collected by Crime Scene Technicians.
  • Confers with Police Officers and the State s Attorney to discuss the presentation of physical evidence in court.
  • Insures that physical evidence and associated reports are properly prepared for introduction into court.
  • Instructs Crime Scene Technicians and entry-level police officers on what constitutes physical evidence how it is collected and how it is processed.
  • Insures that the chain-of-custody is maintained on each item of physical evidence collected by the Police Department.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors and other employees
  • Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
  • Ability to operate a computer terminal
  • Ability to coordinate the work of others in the collection of physical evidence at crime scenes
  • Ability to process a crime scene employing accepted techniques and methods and to train others in these skills



Any combination of training ,education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school or GED .A minimum of one year experience in warehousing,inventory control,or an appropriately related field,preferably in a law enforcement and or high security environment.


1.Considerable knowledge of fingureprints and evidence laws and procedure.

2.Basic computer skills.

3.Ability to work well with co-workers,officers ,outside agencies and the general public.

4.Ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.

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