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Administrative Staff Job Description Sample



 The need is to help employees meet the mission of the Department by linking people and


 The Staff Development Compliance Director will be responsible for developing partnerships

with a variety of County agency departments such as Human Resource Services and Internal


 Demonstrates ability to use relevant information and individual judgment to determine

whether events or processes comply with laws regulations and or policy standards.

 Stands by decisions that are in the Organization s interest even if they are unpopular.

 Takes prompt action in cases of unprofessional or unethical behavior.

 Demonstrates commitment to continuous learning and keeps abreast of new development in

own occupation profession.

 Leadership Provides leadership and guidance to program team to drive achievement of

business initiatives and success.

 Develops designs and implements program objectives projects budgets staffing requirements

and evaluation techniques.

 Contributes to the learning of colleagues and subordinates.

 Delegates the appropriate responsibility accountability and decision-making authority.

 Relationship BuildingEstablishes and maintains productive partnerships by gaining trust and


 Provides an environment in which others can talk and act without fear of repercussion.

 Manages in a deliberate and predictable way.

 Treats sensitive or confidential information appropriately.

 Human Capital ManagementBuilds and manages workforce based on organizational goals

budget consideration and staffing needs.

 Ensures employees are appropriately recruited selected appraised and rewarded.

 Takes action to address performance problems.

 Demonstrates the ability to effectively manage a variety of work situations.

 Takes interest in new ideas and new ways of doing things is not bound by current thinking or

traditional approaches.

 Generates and communicates broad and compelling organizational direction inspiring other to

pursue that same direction.

 AccountabilityHolds self and others accountable for measureable high-quality timely and cost

effective results.

 Determines objectives sets priories and delegates work.

 Analysieren Informationen und verwendet Logik arbeitsbezogenen Fragen und Probleme zu lösen.

 Demonstriert Persistenz bei schwierigen Problemen oder Herausforderungen bleibt ruhig in

stressige Situationen.

Arbeitet  in Übereinstimmung mit den organisatorischen Regelungen und Vorschriften.

 Urteil Entscheidung übt MakingConfidently unabhängiges Urteil in Abwesenheit

Vorrang oder etablierte arbeitsbezogene Protokolle.

 Demonstrates ability to use relevant information and individual judgment to determine

whether events or processes comply with laws regulations and or policy standards.

 effektive Kommunikation spricht effektiv und schreibt klar und prägnant auszudrücken

Gedanken und Ideen.

 schafft Berufs- und taktvoll eine Umgebung, wo Ideen mit anderen geteilt werden können.

 spricht Confidently auf hochrangige Beamte und der Geschäftsleitung.

 der Lage, komplexe technische Konzepte und Systeme in einer Art und Weise zu artikulieren, die eindeutig sein

über jede Abteilung und Agentur Belegschaft verstanden.

 Demonstriert Fähigkeit Sprache Ton Stil und Format anzupassen, das Publikum zu entsprechen.

 hört anderen richtig interpretiert Nachrichten von anderen und reagiert angemessen.


 Extensive knowledge of federal and state constitutional law statutory law and court case


 General knowledge of court administration and office management policies and procedures.

 Knowledge of logical legal theorems their application to legal precedent rules of legal

interpretation and statutory interpretation.

 Skilled in organizing planning and prioritizing own work priorities needs and projects.

 Skilled in conducting legal research and the application and interpretation of legal concepts

principles and legal theorems to the specifics of individual cases.

 Skilled in the use of legal research resources and software.

 word processing and other desktop software applications.

 Skilled in formulating writing and drafting legal opinions in a clear concise and coherent

manner in accordance with the requirements of the Court.

 Skilled in applying legal principles rules concepts precedents and cases in addressing

individual cases and legal problems issues.

 Skilled in presenting and communicating controversial or complex topics in an effective and

persuasive manner in public presentations and speeches before managers courts boards judges or


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