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Terrazzo Workers And Finishers Job Description / দায়িত্ব টেমপ্লেট ও ​​কার্যাবলী

Implement a combination of concrete, বালি, রঙ, or pebble chips to flooring, staircases, and case accessories to trend surfaces that are sturdy and cosmetic.

পেশার দক্ষতা প্রয়োজন
  • Minimize material department strips and push these in to the terrazzo foundation for bones or changes of coloring to form styles or designs or to help alleviate problems with chips.
  • Mix marbled chip mixtures, place into sections, and thrust on a roller over the floor.
  • Measure selected amounts for terrazzo of ingredients in accordance with typical treatments and requirements, utilizing graduated load ingredients and machines, and containers into machine that was portable.
  • Shape expansion joints and edges, applying trimming tools, jointers, or straightedges.
  • Distribute, accomplished floors, applying shovels, rakes, give or power trowels, hand or energy screeds or degree, or sleek cement or terrazzo recipes to create bases, or drifts.
  • Smash curved areas or areas inaccessible to appearing machine, such as for example stairways or showcase covers, having portable hand grinder.
  • Mill areas using develop or a strength mill materials with surfacing or sharpening equipment.
  • Safe and place moisture membrane and wire mesh in preparation for preparing platform materials.
  • Adjust blending, grouting, grinding, or cleanup processes, accordingto type of installing or content employed.
  • Scrub refined terrazzo floor, utilize wax and alleviating agent in accordance with supplier’s specifications, and using solution and water, applying sprayer or clean.
  • Combination cement, বালি, and water to create grout, or slurry, using trowel, tamper, গেরো, or concrete-blending unit.
  • Drop tinted marble or rock chips, powdered metal, or colour dust over floor to create end that is prescribed.
  • Complete divots and splits using grout or slurry, soaked surface to get ready for binding, and clean using a trowel.
  • Clean installation website, pairing and storage regions, সরঞ্জাম, পণ্য, ও সরঞ্জাম, and retailer supplies and equipment.
  • Having coordinating grout content and hands trowel for a sleek, homogeneous area populate slight grinding downturns.
  • Processor, পরিষ্কার, or smash higher locations, ridges, or tough forecasts in order to complete cement, utilizing hand chisel pneumatic chisel, or other hand resources methods.
  • Place cracked, employing cable clean, and experience and observe exterior to ascertain if it’s not smooth or uneven.
  • Go models, সম্পদ, terrazzo installation supplies, or work units to operate locations, employing wheelbarrow or yourself.
  • Restore cement by placement reinforcing rods, using energy, going holes and cutting out damaged locations observed and drill.
  • Develop wood mildew, clamping molds to be fixed, or creating casings to position and the right range.
  • Indication truckdriver to position pickup to accomplish preparing move and concrete chute to primary cement on varieties.
  • Produce rough floor that is cement, using sweeper.
  • Precast terrazzo blocks in wood forms.
  • Distribute covering document on surface of distribute and groundwork real onto roofs paper using trowel to form terrazzo platform.
  • Remove when the basis is dry.
  • Damp cement floor and rub to area that was easy having gemstone and acquire particular complete.

কার্য pursuits প্রয়োজনই
  • Reading Comprehension-Comprehending prepared paragraphs and sentences in work papers that are related.
  • Active-Listening-Giving total awareness of what other people say, acquiring time and energy to realize the points being built, সঠিক যেমন হতাশ সমস্যা, and not stifling at improper instances.
  • Creating-On paper not as inappropriate for the requirements of the viewers communicating efficiently,.
  • Talking-Speaking with others to convey facts properly.
  • গণিতশাস্ত্র-প্রয়োগ করা হচ্ছে সমস্যার সমাধানের গণিতশাস্ত্র.
  • Science-Employing controlled rules and methods to remedy problems.
  • Criticalthinking-Utilizing judgement and thinking to spot the strengths and weaknesses of alternative answers, ধারণা বা দ্বিধা করার উপায়.
  • Active-Learning-Knowing the implications of data that is fresh regarding both present and future problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Approaches-Picking and using education/educational strategies and techniques right for the problem when studying or educating fresh issues.
  • Tracking-Monitoring/Determining effectiveness of businesses, অতিরিক্ত মানুষ, or oneself to generate improvements or take corrective steps.
  • সামাজিক Perceptiveness সর্বজ্ঞাতা অন্যদের’ reactions as they do why they react and knowledge.
  • Dexterity-Modifying actions with regards to othersI activities.
  • Salesmanship-Effective others to improve actions or their brains.
  • Mediation-Taking others together and trying to reconcile variances.
  • প্রশিক্ষণ-নির্দেশ অন্যদের পদক্ষেপ নিতে কীভাবে.
  • Service Orientation-Definitely trying to find approaches to enable persons.
  • Advanced Problemsolving-Identifying advanced difficulties and researching linked info to produce and evaluate options and implement options.
  • Businesses Analysis-Studying solution needs and wants to produce a layout.
  • Engineering Design-Engineering to assist individual and establishing equipment or building requirements.
  • Tools Selection-Determining tools and equipment’s type needed to execute a task.
  • ইনস্টলেশনের ইনস্টল কাছির স্থাপন, পণ্য, সরঞ্জাম, বা প্রোগ্রাম বৈশিষ্ট্য পূর্ণ করা.
  • Development-Creating computer programs for applications that are different.
  • Operation Monitoring-Seeing calls gauges, or different symptoms signals to be sure a device is performing effectively.
  • Operation and Handle-Preventing operations of devices or equipment.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Accomplishing upkeep that is routine on equipment and identifying when and what kind of maintenance is needed.
  • Troubleshooting-Identifying causes of running mistakes and selecting what direction to go about this.
  • Restoring-Mending techniques or devices utilising the tools that are essential.
  • Quality Control Research-Executing exams and assessments of goods, সেবা, চমৎকার বা দক্ষতা বা ফাংশন বিচার করতে.
  • View and Decision-Making-Thinking about the comparative prices and advantages of potential actions to choose the one that is most suitable.
  • Analysis-Identifying how a system should function and just how improvements in operations, পরিবেশ, as well as the environment will impact results.
  • Systems Analysis-Distinguishing methods or indicators of performance and also relative to the targets of the system, right or the steps needed seriously to strengthen functionality.
  • Time Management-Managing oneis personal occasion.
  • Operations of Money-Determining how income will soon be invested to acquire the task accomplished, এবং হিসাবরক্ষণ এই ব্যয়ের সংক্রান্ত.
  • Administration of Content Resources-Viewing and finding to the suitable use of facilities, উপকরণ, and products needed to do selected operate.
  • Supervision of Staff Resources-Stimulating, অর্জন, and leading individuals because they work, distinguishing the best folks for the career.
শিক্ষাগত যোগ্যতা জ্ঞান যোগ্যতা
  • উচ্চ বিদ্যালয় পর্যায়ে (বা জিইডি বা হাই স্কুলের Equivalence এইটার সার্টিফিকেট)
  • কম তুলনায় উচ্চতর স্কুল শ্রেনী
  • না
ক্যারিয়ার কর্তৃপক্ষ দক্ষতা থাকা প্রয়োজন
  • SuccessORWork – 89.98%
  • অধ্যবসায় – 90.84%
  • প্রকল্প – 87.79%
  • নেতৃত্ব – 83.84%
  • সহযোগিতা – 89.35%
  • অন্যদের জন্য উদ্বেগ – 82.75%
  • সাংস্কৃতিক স্থিতিবিন্যাস – 86.50%
  • আত্মসংযম – 87.92%
  • চাপ সহনশীলতার – 87.47%
  • AdaptabilityORVersatility – 88.03%
  • বিশ্বাসযোগ্যতা – 78.84%
  • বিবরণ সচেতনতা – 90.82%
  • ন্যায়পরায়ণতা – 88.47%
  • স্বাধীনতা – 78.36%
  • উন্নয়ন – 76.01%
  • বিশ্লেষণাত্মক চিন্তা – 82.97%

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