/ Pharmacy Technicians Job Description / 割り当てとデューティテンプレート

Pharmacy Technicians Job Description / 割り当てとデューティテンプレート

Prepare drugs under a pharmacist’s path. Mix, might calculate, rely away, name, and record amounts and portions of medications in accordance with prescription requests.

  • Get replenish requests or created prescribed and authenticate that facts is not incomplete and exact.
  • Keep appropriate storage and safety conditions regarding medications.
  • Answer telephones, responding to asks or inquiries.
  • Help buyers by uncovering products, addressing easy questions, or mentioning these to the druggist regarding medicine data.
  • Record and value solutions that have been crammed.
  • Clear and enable retain function or equipment locations and sterilize glasses, accordingto approved practices.
  • Build or maintain patient pages, including listings of medications consumed by individual sufferers.
  • 購入, name, and rely inventory of drugs, compounds, or products and enter inventory data into pc.
  • Combination prescription arrangements, accordingto medications that are written.
  • Perform cash registers to simply accept fee from customers.
  • Prepack kind and affix brands, complete containers using given medications, and bulk remedies.
  • Receive and keep supplies that are inbound, validate portions against bills, look for outdated medicines in catalog that is existing, and notify professionals of share needs and shortages.
  • Shift drugs for the proper variety of, disposable that is clean syringes from vials, utilizing aseptic practices.
  • Present and monitor automatic equipment that distribute medicine into containers and brand the bins.
  • Method medical care insurance and prepare state files and types.
  • Estimate prices for tools or medicine allocated to clinic clients and enter info in computer.
  • Provide patients, breastfeeding areas, or surgery medicines or pharmaceutical items.
  • Value share and indicate items for sale.
  • Maintain and goods home health-care products.
  • Re-stock intravenous (IV) materials and include tested medications or nutrition under clean problems to IV solutions to organize IV provides such as treatment that is chemotherapy, regarding different uses.

  • Reading Comprehension-Understanding sentences and composed phrases in work related paperwork.
  • Active-Listening-Supplying entire awareness of what other-people are saying, 生成された事を認識するために時間とエネルギーを取得, 理想のような質問を要求, そして許容できない場面で魅了ことはありません.
  • Publishing-In writing not as inappropriate for the wants of the market talking effectively.
  • Speaking-Speaking with others to share data effectively.
  • 算術-使用して問題を解決するために数学を.
  • Technology-Applying techniques and controlled guidelines to fix issues.
  • Criticalthinking-Applying judgement and reasoning to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, 問題へのアイデアやアプローチ.
  • Active-Learning-Understanding the effects of information that is fresh for each present and upcoming problem-solving decision-making and.
  • Learning Techniques-Applying and picking teachingPERtutorial methods and techniques right for the problem when mastering or educating issues that are fresh.
  • Monitoring-Overseeing/Assessing effectiveness of additional individuals, 自分, or agencies take remedial actions or to make changes.
  • 社会他人に気づかないではないPerceptivenessは、ビーイング’ 応答と、彼らがそうであるように、彼らが振る舞う理由を理解します.
  • コーディネーション-の変更othersI行動に関してアクションを.
  • Persuasion-Effective others to improve their minds or behaviour.
  • Mediation-Providing others jointly and wanting to reconcile variations.
  • Training-Coaching others how to do something.
  • Service Orientation-Positively seeking ways to aid folks.
  • Complex Problemsolving-Identifying advanced difficulties and critiquing data that is associated apply solutions and examine and to produce choices.
  • Businesses Analysis-Considering needs and product prerequisites to produce a layout.
  • Technology Design-Technologies to assist consumer and aligning equipment or building desires.
  • Gear Selection-Deciding tools and equipment’s type needed seriously to perform a job.
  • マシンのインストール、追加, ツール, ケーブル, 一般的な仕様を満たすために、またはアプリケーション.
  • Coding-Publishing computer programs for uses that are several.
  • 操作監視観測ダイヤル, テスト, or different indications to be sure a device is working properly.
  • Operations and Control-Controlling operations of devices or equipment.
  • Equipment Maintenance-Performing servicing that is routine on devices and deciding when.
  • Troubleshooting-Determining reasons for glitches that are operating and selecting how to proceed about it.
  • Repairing-Repairing products or techniques using the tools that are essential.
  • Quality-Control Analysis-Performing testing and examinations of goods, サービス, または機能が優れや効率を測定します.
  • Wisdom and Decision Making-Considering the general charges and great things about behavior that are potential to find the one that is best suited.
  • Systems Analysis-Determining what sort of program should work and the way improvements in problems, オペレーション, as well as the atmosphere may impact outcomes.
  • Systems Evaluation-Distinguishing procedures or signals of system performance and proper or the measures needed seriously to enhance efficiency, 機械の野望に対する.
  • 時間管理、取り扱い、他’ occasion along with one’s personal occasion.
  • Management of Savings-Deciding how funds is likely to be used to have the work performed, そして簿記これらの手数料について.
  • Supervision of Materials Means-Finding and observing for the suitable use of materials, 施設, and devices had a need to do specified work.
  • 彼らのようにスタッフリソース - 目指して、個人の管理, 建物, そして、仕事をプッシュ, determining the very best people for your task.
教育資格 知識の要件
  • シニアスクールの学位 (GEDまたはシニアスクール等価ドキュメントまたは)
  • いくつかの教員研修
  • なし
  • AchievementANDEnergy – 91.14%
  • 決定 – 87.84%
  • 努力 – 92.76%
  • リーダーシップ – 87.40%
  • 連携 – 94.64%
  • その他懸念 – 94.22%
  • 文化オリエンテーション – 90.07%
  • 自制心 – 94.44%
  • 圧力閾値 – 93.28%
  • AdaptabilityANDVersatility – 93.39%
  • ディペンダ – 91.18%
  • アスペクトに焦点を当てます – 96.11%
  • 正直 – 94.66%
  • 自由 – 87.77%
  • 発明 – 87.08%
  • 分析的思考 – 88.42%



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